Got Loan Without Income? Yes, that is possible with Good Credit – Car loans

Do you urgently need money, but are currently not employed? Then your chances of getting a classic loan from a bank are pretty slim. Lenders understandably want to be sure to get the borrowed amount and interest back within the agreed term.

Obtaining a loan without income is therefore almost impossible. At Good Credit, you can loan your vehicle and get a loan without work for a maximum of 3 months. The best thing about it: You get your loan without a job immediately and in cash.

Which vehicles can I mortgage in the car pawn shop?

Which vehicles can I mortgage in the car pawn shop?

At Good Credit, we specialize in accepting all kinds of vehicles as a deposit. You will receive credit without a credit check if you loan one of the following vehicles:

  • car
  • truck
  • Antique car
  • motorcycles
  • Sports boats (on the trailer)
  • agricultural machinery
  • campers
  • caravan

You are welcome to mortgage several of these vehicles and thereby receive a higher instant loan. But even by lending a single vehicle, you can bridge financial bottlenecks. Would you like to mortgage another car and get a loan without an income? Just ask us.

How exactly do I secure a loan without a job?

How exactly do I secure a loan without a job?

To get a loan without a job at Good Credit, you first have to contact us. For example. we are represented with our car pawnshop Karlsruhe or our car pawnshop Munich in Hesse, Bavaria, Rhineland-Palatinate, and Baden-Württemberg. Please choose the location that is closest to you:

  • Wiesbaden
  • Darmstadt
  • Frankfurt am Main
  • Rosenheim
  • Munich
  • Mainz
  • Karlsruhe

Tell us the most important characteristics of your vehicle by phone or fax. In addition to the model and the first registration, please provide us with the mileage, extras and vehicle condition. From this, we calculate the vehicle deposit value and the amount of your loan without income. We can pay you up to 70% of the current vehicle value in cash as a loan without work.

What documents do I need for a loan without a job?

If you agree to your personal loan without income, we will make an appointment with you. If it is possible for you and our car pawnshop, we can meet on the same day and finalize the loan without a job. To do this, we not only need the vehicle and the keys but also the following documents:

  • Abmeldebescheinigung
  • Motor vehicle certificate
  • Vehicle registration
  • repair records
  • Checkbook
  • if necessary, other documents that decisively influence the vehicle value

If everything is complete, identify yourself, sign the mortgage loan agreement and receive your loan in cash without work.

Is the loan without income also a loan without Schufa?

If you secure a loan without work at Good Credit, Schufa does not matter. Other credit bureaus or similar companies are also left out. This is the only way to offer you a loan without income. Your financial situation is as unimportant as your monthly income. Only one thing counts for us: the value of your vehicle.

It alone is the basis for your Schufa-free loan without a job. Accordingly, there is no credit check because we are not interested in your past payment behavior. Negative Schufa entries are irrelevant for your mortgage loan without Schufa.

What is the term of my loan without work?

What is the term of my loan without work?

You can have our loan without income paid out for a maximum of 3 months. This is the regular term, which we initially offer to all of our customers. However, we would not be a modern company if we did not give you some leeway. Accordingly, our 3-month term is flexible at the same time, since you can adapt it to your needs in both directions.

If you would like an extension for a maximum of 3 more months, you only have to pay all accrued costs. For example, if you want your vehicle to be triggered early due to an unexpected blessing of money, just give us a call. Pick up your car from us the very next day. In addition, a complete vehicle sale is possible as part of your loan without work.

What are the costs of my loan without a job?

We offer you our credit without a job at fair and transparent conditions at all times. You can rely on the fact that all components – 3 in number – are within the legal framework. The cost of a loan without work is made up as follows:

  • demurrage
  • loan fees
  • lending rates

While we calculate the stand fee for placing it in an insured building daily, fees and interest accrue monthly. Take out your no-income loan now and secure short-term liquidity with an instant loan from Good Credit!