12 sensual scented candles that will revive your sex life


Looking for a little something to help you reconnect with your sensual side or rekindle the spark in a stale sex life? Don’t underestimate the power of the humble scented candle. Researchers have long been interested in the power of scent and the effect it can have on mood and stress levels.

If you found yourself in a bit of a pickle on the bedroom ahead, (or you just want to up the mood of your evening routine – why not?), it’s time to try lighting a new candle.

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Here’s our guide to the sexiest scented candles Australia has to offer. Thanks later…

A sultry, dark floral candle that is sure to please your senses: Glasshouse Fragrances Heavy Petal Triple Scented Soy Candle

With a scent even sexier than its name, Heavy Petal is unsurprisingly the candle that inspired this article. One whiff of this sassy little number made us immediately think, “This candle couldn’t be better placed than in the bedroom.” Try it, you’ll like it – we promise.

Shop now: Glasshouse Fragrances Heavy Petal Triple Scented Soy Candle, $54.95

An energizing fragrance blend with pink pepper: Maude burn no. 2

Need a little pick up beforesexy time? Honey, no shame – we’ve been there and we’ve got what it takes. With invigorating notes of pink peppercorn, gurjun balm, lemon and cedarwood, this hand-poured massage candle is ideal for a sensual massage with your partner. It is cruelty-free, paraben-free, and made with soy wax and 100% cotton wick.

Buy now: Maude burn no. $2.46

A sensual rose-scented number that will set the mood: AYU Rose & Oudh Candle

Scented with intoxicating wild rose flanked by smoky oudh, this delicious hand-poured candle is one you’ll find yourself completely addicted to once you smell it. The 100% soy wax blend also contains saffron, amber, cedarwood, amaryis and balsam.

Shop Now: AYU Rose & Oudh Candle, $60

A gift option to spoil that special someone: Dictionary Meaning Candle / Soul Mate

Are you looking for a unique gift for your partner? Try this aptly named Soul Mate candle from The Commonfolk. It’s made in Australia – on the Mornington Peninsula – no less! The natural, creamy blend of soy wax and pure coconut shell smells great and contains no harmful chemicals or toxins.

Buy Now: Dictionary Meaning Candle/Soul Mate, $34.95

An easy-pour candle that doubles as massage oil: the Lovehoney Apothecary Seduce Scent Massage Candle

Settle in for your most sensual the preliminaries another session with the erotic massage candle specially designed by Lovehoney. With saffron, patchouli, jasmine, amber, cedar and vanilla, it’s an absolute delight for the senses with a scent that lingers after use.

Shop Now: Lovehoney Apothecary Seduce Scent Massage Candle, $36.95

A mini candle that will fit perfectly in your weekend bag: Urban Apothecary Velvet Peony Candle

Going away for the weekend with your other half? This petite scented candle is scented with a sexy blend of rich, deep floral notes and is ideal for slipping discreetly into your getaway bag.

Shop Now: Urban Apothecary Velvet Peony Candle, $35

A deliciously scented massage candle that also hydrates the skin: My ilo Shea Butter Massage Candle

Created with shea butter and olive oil, this massage candle made from 100% vegetable soy wax is an absolute treat for the skin. It is vegan and leaves the skin soft and hydrated. To use, simply light the wick, allow some wax to melt and then slowly pour it onto your lover’s skin. It’s up to you where you go next…Enjoy.

Shop Now: My ilo Shea Butter Melt Massage Candle, $54.95

A minimalist massage candle design that adds an elegant touch to your boudoir: OSKIA Rose de Mai Skin Soothing Massage Candle

Made with skin-friendly omegas, vitamins and minerals, this massage candle not only feels great to use, it also has moisturizing benefits. Plus, the simple design looks incredibly chic sitting on your nightstand.

Shop Now: OSKIA Rose de Mai Skin Soothing Massage Candle, $106.00

A best-selling massage candle inspired by the world’s sexiest movies and books: Fifty Shades of Gray Play Nice Vanilla Scented Candle

“Game, Miss Steele!” fifty shades fans will love this naughty yet enjoyable scented candle inspired by the steamy debauchery of the film and book franchise. With an intoxicating vanilla scent, this decadent candle will quickly become a new favorite in sexy playtime.

Shop Now: Fifty Shades of Gray Play Nice Vanilla Scented Candle, $22.95

A smoky and spicy fragrance inspired by a Brooklyn jazz club: Maison Margiela Jazz Club Candle

Bring the sultry atmosphere of a smoky downtown Brooklyn jazz club to your bedroom with this 40 hour burn time candle. Referring to leather armchairs, spiced cocktails and cigars, this heady fragrance is not for the faint-hearted.

Shop Now: Maison Margiela Jazz Club Candle, $97

A massage candle dosed with pheromones that smells good madly sexy: Massage candle scented with pheromones

Just when we thought we had seen it all, we discovered there was a pheromone scented candle. Enhance your foreplay by giving your partner a soothing massage with this sensual candle.

Shop Now: Pheromone Scented Massage Candle, $52

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