7 daily activities to improve your sex life


New Delhi: Stress can affect a man’s sexual performance and sperm health, leading to infertility, according to a latest study. According to the study, men who reported higher stress levels were more likely to have lower sperm count and lower sperm motility. He further stated that stress can also lead to erectile dysfunction.

Experts have given some tips to follow that can help reduce stress levels and improve your sex life.

Go for a walk: Physical activities play a huge role in managing our stress levels. Going out for a walk early in the morning or in the evening helps us stay active. Meeting new people, interacting with them, enjoying the small details of our environment and breathing fresh air while walking around help to reduce our stress levels considerably.

Practicing Yoga: Yoga is a natural remedy for many health problems. Several yoga positions and asanas help in better circulation of blood and oxygen in our body. Lowering the head positions in these asanas helps us stay calm and also relaxes our nervous system

Communicate: It is important to communicate our feelings, especially during anger or grief. Holding our grief and anger for an extended period leads to additional levels of stress that affect our health. Communicating and sharing problems with our loved ones and loved ones helps relieve stress and improve our mood. We never know if they have any ideas or suggestions to help us solve the problem.

Slow breathing and meditation: Even your breathing, which you wouldn’t think of, calms you down and allows you to make wiser judgments, controls your temper and promotes patience. This facilitates better decision-making and better stress management.

Good Alimentation: Good nutrition and a balanced diet are necessary to maintain stress levels. Often in times of stress, we tend to tend towards sweet cravings but which must be consumed within a limit. It is important to drink enough water to stay calm during times of stress.

Listen to music: Good music is a good stress manager and a good reliever. When you have music in the background of your life, you will enjoy it more and feel less stressed throughout the day.

Slept enough: It’s crucial to get eight hours of sleep every night, and to go to bed and wake up at the same time at least five days a week. Sleep is the best healer. Sleep restores worn-out tissue, reduces the risk of inflammation, and aids cell renewal that the body desperately needs.

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