7 of the best thrift stores on Commercial Drive in Vancouver


7 thrift stores on one street.

Mount Pleasant is often considered the destination for thrift stores in Vancouver, but Commercial Drive is truly a contender for the designation of the best thrift store in town. With seven stores on one street, plus Found and the Freed, Black Door Vintage, and The Front Supply Co. nearby, Commercial is a one-stop-shop for all thrift store aesthetics and styles.

These stores represent a great mix of vintage fashion, high-end consignment, and second-hand contemporary fashion (plus an antique store).

The only

The Only is a great place to find one-of-a-kind vintage pieces, especially ’90s graphic and concert tees. Odyssey International clothing. The result is a treasure trove of unique and obscure items like an antique 1930s illustrated devil jumpsuit Halloween costume.

They have also just introduced a plus size section online which they will be adding as vintage clothing for plus size bodies is notoriously hard to find.

Address: 1616 Commercial Drive, Vancouver

vintage velvet

This LGBTQ+ Indigenous-owned thrift store is the newest on this list; the new location reopened in early April and is worth a visit to see the colorful and quirky space. Find a selection of jeans, leather jackets, homewares, colorful knit throws and fun clothes.

Address: 1303 Commercial Drive, Vancouver

U-turn record

Turnabout has locations all over Vancouver (Main Street, Granville, West Broadway, etc.), including one on the Drive. The Luxury Shipper stocks designer clothing and accessories for men and women and can be a great place to find high-end items in excellent condition with far less digging through the shelves involved.

Address: 1003 Commercial Drive, Vancouver

Little Miss Vintage

This cute little vintage shop is chaotic gold for rockabillies, punks and pin-ups. Little Miss Vintage stocks fashion from the 1950s to the 80s and offers a great selection of formal dresses from across the decades. The vibe is very rock and roll and it’s the kind of place where you find things you didn’t know you were missing.

Address: 941 Commercial Drive, Vancouver

Miscellaneous finds

Miscellany Finds is a thrift store that does exactly what it says on the sign, sundries ranging from clothing and accessories to housewares and books, but it’s the warrant that makes the place different from your store average bargains. The founders of Miscellany Finds, Portia Sam and Zainab Bernard, help marginalized women reintegrate into society by providing jobs, training and programs to those who are considered difficult to place in the labor market. With a focus on holistic and practical life skills, they empower and support women who have experienced substance abuse, domestic violence, correctional facilities, and sex work in an environment where they can feel represented.

Address: 1029 Commercial Drive, Vancouver


Spanning over 3,000 square feet, second-hand shoppers are spoiled for choice at Mintage’s Commercial Drive location. The massive space is bursting with color and a few adjacent vintage or vintage gems. Sunglasses that say NO sit alongside crochet cardigans, pastel rainwear and corduroy pants. Mintage is a great place for anyone trying to capture the cottagecore, Practical Magic, or alt aesthetic.

Address: 1714 Commercial Drive, Vancouver

Prime! An antique furniture store

Attic Treasures

When all the clothing gets boring or tedious, Attic Treasures is just down the street with a great selection of antique furniture and homewares. Largely stocked with mid-century modern pieces, this store looks like a time capsule with Formica tables and Franciscan dishes from the 1970s. There’s also a selection of vintage jewelry and small trinkets for those who can’t carry around. a home dining set.

Address: 944 Commercial Drive, Vancouver

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