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As a kid, I was super rambunctious, I always talked and I messed up. Everything for which I was reprimanded and forced to read books like The Ladies’ Etiquette Book and Politeness Manual. Turns out I just had undiagnosed ADHD, and it’s a real problem how little support girls get for it compared to boys. I am a tall, somewhat chaotic, passionate woman. In other words, I can be a lot. It took me until I was 20 to start feeling good about myself. It matched my awareness that I was bi, suddenly so many things made a lot more sense. I’ve been through a few iterations of the woman, from a tomboy as a kid to a woman in my early twenties, but now I really feel right at home in a more feminine, non-binary world. My curvy body has always been a bit at odds with my identity, but now that I like to oscillate between male and female styles, I feel great!

It was an entirely weird shoot from start to finish, right? How did you do this?

It ended up being queer, which is still my personal goal. The more queers, the better! I slipped into Matthew’s dm’s because I was a fan of his work. I knew he was part of the Alphabet Mafia, and we were lucky to pick Noah for his looks. I’ve been asking model agencies for their BIPOC, queer, trans and non-binary models for years, and it’s exciting to see that they are starting to meet the demand.

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