A look at Kevin Gates’ wildly surprising thoughts on life

Kevin Gates is by no means one to bite his tongue. If there’s one thing he’s going to do, it’s speak up, no matter what reactions his words may elicit. Aside from his certified catalog, which placed him squarely between Lil Wayne and YoungBoy Never Broke Again among the best rappers to come out of Louisiana, Gates’ interviews are often landmines for entertainment and insight into his almost thought process. obsolete.

Earlier this summer, KG made an appearance on Yung Miami’s caresha please podcast and talked about some of her bedroom experiences. Throughout their momentous discussion, Kevin Gates made headlines when he again confirmed that at the time he slept with his cousin, unbeknownst to her at the time, until his grandmother connects the dots. “I’m not going to stop! The damage is done,” he said when asked about the situation. Analyzing further, he explained, “I haven’t known you in my whole life. I just found out. We’ve been thugs before.”

Elsewhere and on the same note of catching bodies in the sheets and not in the street, Kevin also made it known that he doesn’t think men should ejaculate during sex. While making an interesting appearance on Gillie Da Kid and Wallo’s A million dollar game podcast last October, Gates explained where he came from, rationalizing, “Your intention should be to please your partner and not release cum.”

Although he apparently considers himself a sex god, it’s not all about sex with the platinum-selling artist. It also has interesting perspectives to offer in terms of rehabilitation, among others. In 2018, he appeared on Zane Lowe’s Apple Music Beats 1 radio show and voiced his unpopular opinion on the matter. “Rehab is for quitters,” he said. “You have to replace negative habits with positive ones, because everything for me is a trigger.”

These mentions barely scratch the surface. In fact, someone could write an entire book of Kevin Gates quotes and it would easily become a bestseller. XXL won’t overwhelm people with everything, but some of the shocking examples of what would be included can be found in this post. Take a look at Kevin Gates’ extremely surprising thoughts on life below.

Discover Kevin Gates’ incredibly surprising thoughts on life

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