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Earlier this week I went to the Commissioner’s Court in Victoria. This court is presided over by Judge Ben Zeller. The four commissioners are Clint Ives, Gary Burns, Kevin Janak and Danny Garcia.

The big topic was the Victoria Public Library and the question of obscene books in the children’s section.

If you haven’t heard of it, you must be living under a rock.

Gay Patek has organized a wonderful campaign to bring this issue to light. She presented the facts to the library board. She asked many people to read questionable books and provide a book report, but to no avail. The library board insists it won’t change anything.

What surprised me was the misinformation circulating, although Gay did a great job providing accurate information.

Example, in the Court of Commissioners, she gave large packages to each Commissioner and Judge Zeller. Speakers came to the podium and asked our leaders to read as they spoke the words from the books in question. Being in the audience was uncomfortable even listening to what was being said. Several speakers became very emotional when they realized firsthand what the children were exposed to.

So listen to the liberals and understand.

1. The books are in the library according to age: 4-8 years old, 8-12 years old, etc.

2. Children go to their corner of the library and can access all the books there.

3. Many parents drop off their children or walk to other parts of the library while their child is reading what they want to read.

4. The more than 60 books that have been submitted for review are in these areas.

5. No one ever asked for books to be banned, burned, thrown away, etc. (No witches were invited to be burned in the process.)

6. The request was simply to put these books in a place so that adults could look at them and decide if they were good for their children.

7. The books deal with transgender, homosexuality and heterosexuality. They have nudity, explicit imagery, and lots and lots of lewd words and references.

That said, what’s wrong with this scenario?

Well, now for God’s moment and why I’m motivated to write this column.

Judge Zeller told us all that the county doesn’t give the library money for the books, but the building they’re housed in is a county building. He said the city of Victoria is the one providing the money for the books.

Commissioner Clint Ives (God love him) took the floor (and I’ll paraphrase) and said he thought it was disgusting literature and we should evict the library! I almost stood up and did the happy dance.

Commissioner Gary Burns immediately spoke up and supported Clint and said he thought they should act on the Victoria Library Board overtures immediately. Then Commissioner Janak gave his support. Judge Zeller also agreed. Danny said he was a conservative Democrat and moral man and supported everything said.

Commissioner Danny Garcia is a teddy bear and a great guy. I always tell him that he has to come out on the dark side and become a Republican, but I regress.

It was a “proud mother moment” for sure! How proud we should all be that our county leaders have put a “line in the sand” and support the protection of our children.

The next day, all the Liberal lunatics came out of the ground. Of course, they would never be accused of knowing the facts of the matter. They never listen to what’s being said or never bother to read the books but the remnants of the 60’s come out in full force calling people hicks, religious fanatics with hate in their hearts and we’re trampling the First Amendment.

In a world that thinks it’s okay to expose children to scantily clad drag queens, to use drugs to alter children’s biology, to allow daily onslaughts of perversion on television, in video games or on Facebook and labeling their 2-year-old pansexual for playing with dolls and action figures, the county issued a dose of common sense based on factual evidence.

I don’t care if you’re right or left, green or purple, gay or straight, it’s not about freedom, it’s about protecting the innocence of our children.

Do you think your 12 year old needs to read about two guys having sex and all the talk that goes with it?

Do you believe your 6 year old should see graphic photographs of men with men or heterosexual sex acts?

You may never agree with me politically, but we should all be able to agree that our children should be innocent for as long as possible.

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