A woman takes a strange position on OnlyFans

There are many stories around OnlyFans, being one of the most money-making pages today and focusing mostly on paid adult content. And recently the story has come to the fore where a woman is sick and she has two vaginas.

Evelyn, as it became known and without giving her last name for security reasons, said that in her body there were also two wombs, two cervixes and two vaginas, He therefore takes the opportunity to use one for his personal life and the other to create content on the site.

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She says that she worked for a while as a companion, and took advantage of her position to leave her right vagina to her colleagues and the left to her work.

How does this situation work?

As strange as it may sound, the condition she lives in is more common than you might think and is called didelphys. This results in failure of the development of the genitals during the gestation phase.

And although it is not a disease, it can also cause pain during intercourse or infertility, although this is not the case for Evelyn, Since she admitted to being pregnant, she should be watched constantlyYour delivery may not be normal and the baby will have to be born before nine months because your uterus is smaller than normal.

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This condition arises because during the formation of the female genitalia, which usually occurs during the 9th week of gestation, when the two structures known as Muller’s ducts fuse together.

At the time of fusion, the uterus and cervix form in the center, which then empties into the vagina. If this procedure is not done correctly, didelphysis can occur, but not always in the same way, because in some cases one of the vaginas can be blocked and the woman can undergo surgery to close it. It hurts and there is no pain.

As we mentioned, this is a condition that can also occur with some frequency. In 2020, there was the case of a woman in Australia who gave birth to two children And each was formed in a different womb. So it is not a serious illness, as long as you go to the doctor and eliminate some problems, because Evely leads a normal life and thanks to this she is able to work.

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