Abortion rights petition campaign sees surge in volunteers after Roe project leaks

At an annual meeting with lawmakers on Tuesday, lawmakers and anti-abortion activists were excited about Monday’s news, Right to Life Michigan spokeswoman Anna Visser said.

“It definitely motivated our affiliates,” Visser said. “They are a very good base for our volunteers and they remain very motivated.”

For anti-abortion activists, backing like-minded candidates will be “a big event this year” given the large number of open seats in the 2022 election, Visser told Bridge on Tuesday. She urged anti-abortion advocates to upload brochures and other resources to the group’s website and discourage members of their social circles from signing the petition.

“We just hope to educate as many people as possible throughout the summer and fall on why they shouldn’t sign this petition,” Visser said, adding that the petition “attempts to invalidate all pro-life laws”.

Laura Alexandria, president of Grand Rapids Right to Life, told Bridge that phone calls have increased to her chapter from callers seeking information about the petition and the current state of abortion law in Michigan. .

Volunteers and donations have been “steady and increasing” in recent months, she said.

“The (document) released on Monday certainly heightened interest in what’s happening in Michigan, but our supporters were on the ground in January when the Reproductive Freedom for All Petition Campaign was announced,” Alexandria said. .

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