Alligator Pepper Boosts Libido, Experts Say


Medical experts have stated that alligator pepper is a stimulant that helps increase sexual desire.

According to them, a healthy lifestyle, exercise, tigernuts and a strong financial situation can also increase libido.

Talk with Saturday PUNCHA renowned fertility expert, Professor Oladapo Ashiru, said that alligator pepper could act as a stimulant, thereby increasing testosterone levels in the blood.

“There have been very few reports on the effect of alligator pepper on the positive effect of erectile capacity and erectile dysfunction. Same as ginger; they can act as a stimulant and also by increasing testosterone levels in the blood,” he said.

When asked if it worked for women too, the don replied, “I haven’t come across (such) for women. However, it is not out of place since it is a stimulant.

Furthermore, a consultant urologist at Ogah Hospital and Urology Center, Fugar, Edo State, Dr. Gabriel Ogah said that alligator pepper can boost libido and sex drive. libido in individuals.

Ogah said, “Alligator pepper can boost libido because it’s a stimulant; it’s like the kola nut. Any stimulant that energizes and increases your stimulant can increase your libido. It is a general stimulant.

“You can simply chew alligator pepper like you chew kola nuts and your libido will improve. There is research that says it does not increase libido, but I have studied that research and how it was conducted, and I found that the sample size was too small and not a well-collected research.

“So the impression that it improves libido remains. Until you have really good research with a large size that disproves it, then it remains, and I believe it does. The pepper of alligator does a great job.

He added that having more money could improve libido.

“When you can fund your desire, you will have an increased libido. Normally, when you have more money in your pocket, your libido increases because you can afford the consequences of libido.

“If your wife asks you to buy her something for Christmas and you don’t buy it, the wife won’t be interested in sex. The financial situation increases the libido. Comfort increases libido because sex is not a necessity.

“You can still do it (sex) if you have the money. On the other hand, hard life (poverty) reduces libido. You don’t have to be a scientist to know that.

“If a man controls his weight and is physically fit, his erection will be better. He will perform better at sex if he is physically fit. It is well known that when you are very good at something, it gives you joy or pleasure.

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