An effort to legalize prostitution! India now offers life insurance policies to sex workers


In India, sex workers have a legal right to equality and respect. Since consensual sex work is not illegal, it is inappropriate to arrest, fine, harass or otherwise victimize sex workers during brothel raids. Running a brothel is still illegal in India. Since prostitution is accepted as a “profession”, it is crucial that it has insurance protection like any other profession. A person exercising a profession has the choice between three different insurance options: life insurance, health insurance and partial or total permanent disability coverage. Due to the significant danger of this profession, only a very small number of insurers offer life insurance cover to sex workers.

All professionals must be insured against partial or total incapacity. When an employee has a partial impairment, they can still work, but not as efficiently or skillfully as before the accident. As a result, the worker’s ability to earn money is affected. Insurance schemes provide a person with much-needed help in the event of partial or total permanent disability. In the same vein, the income of sex workers comes mainly from the sale of their body parts. Their ability to support themselves could be affected if their sexual organs were destroyed by trauma, venereal infections, etc.

The media claimed that the celebrities also had certain physical parts insured, such as their legs, buttocks, smiles, breasts, etc. Rihanna insured her legs for $1 million; Heidi Klum insisted on $2 million; Michael Flatley’s legs were insured for $40 million; Cristiano Ronaldo’s Legs Cost $144 Million; and Mariah Carey’s legs were valued at $1 billion. Jennifer Lopez has $300 million butt insurance coverage and Kylie Minogue has a $5 million policy. Bette Davis’ waist was insured for $28,000, Jimmy Durante’s nose was protected for $50,000 and Bruce Springsteen’s vocal cords were insured for $6 million.

Insurance coverage for body parts of sex workers seems like a distant prospect due to societal stigma and exclusion, and it may take a long time for such insurance coverage to emerge in India. . To provide sex workers with medical facilities, the government could take the necessary steps. To make health facilities inexpensive and accessible to prostitutes, the government can set up a provision of health insurance at reduced rates.

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