An open letter to people who drive like fools on Loop 49 to Tyler


Listen, I get it. We’re all in a rush (for whatever reason.) Want to get to where you’re going. And honestly, yes, it’s annoying to be stuck behind someone who’s going slower than you when you just want to feel the freedom of the open road while screaming your music or whatever you’re doing.

AT THE SAME TIME, is it really worth risking your life, let alone the lives of others, just so that you can get to Taco Bell five minutes earlier than expected? By the way, the correct answer is NO.

Over the past two weeks I have found myself on Loop 49 in Tyler more often than usual. I also left home earlier for work-related events. These are events I really couldn’t be late for. Which adds more fuel to the fire …

Why do you have to drive 85 miles per hour at 4:45 am? I mean really.

Here is the thing. I am not a slow driver. I enjoy being able to go 75mph on Loop 49. It’s already faster than what we can do on most other roads and highways in East Texas. And so, I’m going as fast as the law allows.

On top of that, whenever there is a lane for “slower traffic”, I always move so that those who are fully determined to risk their lives by going above 87 mph can freely take the road.

THREE times as I circled Loop 49, I found myself being followed dangerously close by an overly exuberant driver. No, it was not a first responder. Just your run of the mill speed demon.

Look, I’m not trying to burn you out here. There are times when someone REALLY needs to go fast because they might have an emergency. But it’s quite rare, fortunately.

In fact, one morning I was behind a real ambulance which, honestly, was going quite slowly. But maybe they had someone in the vehicle they were dealing with and therefore wanted to slow down.

So I was there behind the ambulance when another speed demon approached so close to me, if I had had to brake AT ALL for the ambulance, there would have been a wreckage. What the hell, all of you?

At the end of the line ? Please don’t be a hole driver **. Please don’t kill someone while driving because you are in an obscene rush to get a burrito. Friendly driving. Good grief.

Have you had a similar experience?

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