Another step away from public life as he leaves this ‘prestigious’ club

For the first time since the March 8 settlement, the Queen’s youngest son, Prince Andrew, has been seen walking through Windsor. The Duke of York is said to have paid Ms Giuffre around £12million to settle a civil sexual assault claim brought against him. After the settlement, Prince Andrew also said he would show his grief for his involvement with Epstein by helping the fight against the evils of sex trafficking.

Royal goodbye!

One of the biggest impacts of the whole controversy over Ms Giuffre and sexual abuse is Prince Andrew’s withdrawal from public life. He gave up all his patronage to the queen in January and his membership of the In & Out club quietly disbanded. Insiders say the ailing royal, who has dodged sexual assault allegations that have embroiled the royal family, will never be allowed to return to public life.

According to Sunday time from London, his humiliated siblings Prince Charles, Prince Edward and Princess Anne shut the door on their black sheep cousin. A quoted source:

There’s no way in the world he’ll ever come back, the family will never let that happen.

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one step at a time

Following this, Prince Andrew would have resigned from the prestigious Naval and Military Club as he continues to distance himself from the public eye. The 62-year-old’s departure comes at a remarkably low time for him, given that his late father Prince Phillip was the club’s former chairman. Following his record settlement with rape victim Ms Giuffre, the disgraced Duke of York is said to have disappeared from the books. Apparently Prince Andrew might have voluntarily resigned as part of its intention to sever ties with the organizations. An insider confirmed:

The Duke’s name remained on the In & Out membership list for several months, even after he stepped down as a member of the Royal Family, but in recent days his name has disappeared from the books.

The Naval and Military Club is a mixed and eclectic mix of like-minded people from a wide range of backgrounds and has a number of its royal ancestors as members. Prince Andrew had a naval career that spanned more than two decades and he was promoted steadily after retiring from active duty.

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