Anvil is Love Island’s latest favorite sex position, but what exactly is it?

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Love Island contestants clearly have wilder sex lives than most of us.

If they’re not doing the Eagle or the Butter Churn, they’re probably doing another contortionist move that we can only hope to do on a special occasion (sorry baby, you’ll have to wait until your birthday).

The last competitor to have us run on Google was Siânnise Fudge who revealed that the anvil was her favorite sex position.

It might be the less sexy name, but apparently it works for the 25-year-old in the bedroom.

Ahead of the couple’s challenge last night, Siânnise opened up about her preferences when meeting her partner Connor Durman.

As the duo covered every detail they could possibly learn from each other in 20 minutes, including their favorite foods and their mother’s name, Siânnise confessed.

“Favorite sex position?” Connor asked. – The anvil, replied Siânnise, before explaining: “When the boy is on top and my legs are on his shoulder.” I had to google it. ‘

While the new couple of friends were in a bit of a rush to explain everything, we’ve got a bit more time to get into the details of the Anvil which isn’t as enigmatic as it sounds.

It’s actually just a twist on the conventional missionary style.

As Siânnise briefly explained, this involves the man on top of the woman as her legs rest on her shoulders.

According to the Sex Position website, this move sees the woman lying on her back and pulling her legs towards her chest, holding the hips by the hands.

This is the traditional anvil – a block of iron onto which metal can be hammered and shaped. That’s not what Siânnise was talking about (Photo: Rex; Getty)

The man is lying on his partner using his arms for support and placing them next to his shoulder.

The male partner’s legs are slightly bent and spread apart as if he is kneeling. The woman puts her legs on the man’s neck and wraps them around the neck of the male partner.

He explains: “With this position you will be able to experience the full depth of your favorite taste. “

Anvil sex position shown in cartoons

Yes, stick people, get some (Photo: Getty)

And to go even further for your partner, we suggest you try rubbing his nipples to give him maximum pleasure.

While we women love to play with the nipples a bit, it’s an erogenous zone for men too.

In fact, 52% of men said nipple stimulation caused or increased their sexual arousal, according to the National Library of Medicine and the United States National Institutes of Health.

And in the anvil position, the lady’s hands are close enough to her nipples to be able to stimulate both at the same time.

So, you are welcome.

Now go ahead and give it a try, you crazy kids.

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