Arkansas Governor Clarifies Position on Transgender Inclusion

HARRISON, Ark. (KY3) – Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson made his position on transgender inclusion clear during a press conference on Thursday.

On Sept. 15, Governor Hutchinson said the Biden administration’s proposed Title IX changes to include transgender inclusion were “unacceptable.”

“It would interfere with Arkansas law, it would interfere with common sense, and it would interfere with local control,” he said. “Specifically, it would impact our ability to ban biological men from participating in women’s sports.”

In March 2021, Hutchinson signed Senate Bill 354, Arkansas’ “Equity in Women’s Sports” law, which bars trans women from competing in girls’ athletics. He also commented on other proposed guidelines on Thursday.

“I don’t believe it’s discrimination if you tell a biological male, who might one day wake up and identify as female, that he has to go to the bathroom based on his sex at birth,” said Governor Hutchinson. .

At least one local government has followed suit. On September 6, the Newton County Court of Quorum voted unanimously to approve an order opposing any changes to the federal Title IX regulations.

“An individual or anyone who disturbs God’s creation is going to pay down the road,” said Arlis Jones, Newton Co. 8th District JP. “It’s not for boys to go in the girls’ toilet. It’s not for boys to play in women’s sports because girls (are) given an unfair advantage over a male competitor.

Jones says he has children and grandchildren he fears will be affected by a change in regulations.

“They take away all the rights of parents. It will affect everything the parent does,” he said. “It should be the parents who educate their children about everything related to sex.”

“I’m not surprised by Governor Hutchinson’s comments, but I believe that all children should have equal opportunity and treatment in public schools,” said Seana Crow, an LGBTQ ally from North America. Arkansas. “When it comes to sports, many members of the transgender community undergo such extensive hormone treatment that the competitive edge that people like to discuss is not present.”

Attorney General Leslie Rutledge noted that if the U.S. Department of Education goes ahead with the proposed Title XI regulations, legal action would likely be taken to prevent those regulations from taking effect.

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