Asian doll lashes out at online critics invested in her personal life calling them ‘fans’



Chile! Someone must have rubbed Asian Doll completely the wrong way on Sunday night. The rapper took to Twitter and left a few profane messages on her chest. And one thing you can be sure of, she didn’t hold back the bad taste left in her mouth!

By now we all know Asian Doll has no problem getting right to the point of what she’s talking about. She began her mini Sunday rant by addressing her detractors of the jump.

“You worry about me like I’m a kid or a lol that I never care,” Asian Doll wrote on Twitter. “You lie, stay with my name in your mouth, I stay on your mind. “

Then she goes on to list the personal details about his life that these reviews cannot get enough.

“Worrying about my accomplishments, who I date, who I fuck with, how I dress and how I speak, what I post, etc. literally FANS, ”tweeted Asian Doll.

At this point, it’s still unclear to whom Asian is directly tweeting her. Still, that doesn’t stop him from putting it on thick.

“I get married from tear idk how it feels to be a bi ** h side or sneaky bond or to be treated anything less than the princess treatment you ain’t about sh * t but d ** k… literally, ”Asian tweeted.

Asian Doll has also revealed intimate details about her sex life, including how she behaves in sexual situations. She called her private area a “treasure box”.

“I’ll go years without sex before I leave one….” ni ** a fu * k me, ”said Asian Doll. “My (cat emoji) treasure chest is not shit but GOLD and diamonds in this mf.”

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