BBC removes Lily Cade from post after transphobic blog posts



The BBC changed an article marked transphobic after one of the contributors said it would “perform to the last [trans women] personally ”if it were up to her.

The article in question, titled “We are experiencing sexual pressure from some transgender women” was originally published by the company on October 26.

It encountered intense backlash, with the BBC being accused of failing to meet journalistic standards. The concern largely centered on the quote from a poll of just 80 people that was circulated via social media as evidence that lesbians “are under pressure or coercion to accept a trans woman as a sexual partner.”

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An open letter signed by 20,000 people asked the BBC to apologize for the article, but the company insisted its publication complied with its rules of fairness.

Other issues were raised after Lily Cade, a lesbian pornstar cited in the article, posted extreme transphobia on her blog, which had gone unused for two years before being rebooted to address her appearance in the post. BBC article.

In several articles published over the few days, Cade called trans women “vile, weak and filthy” and said that she “would personally execute every one of them” if it was up to her.

She also called for the lynching of famous trans women, including Caitlyn Jenner (below) and Lana and Lilly Wachowski.

After an intense backlash that asked the BBC to edit their story and remove Cade’s contribution, the company has now caved in.

By editing the article on its site to remove any mention of Cade, the BBC added a correction.

It reads: “Update November 4, 2021: We updated this article, posted last week, to remove a post from someone in light of comments they posted on articles from blog in recent days, which we were able to check. ”

He continues, “We recognize that an admission of inappropriate behavior by the same contributor should have been included in the original article. ”

This is an apparent reference to allegations previously made against Cade by other women in the adult entertainment industry.

A trans pornstar Chelsea Poe claimed on Twitter that she informed the BBC of the allegations when contacted before the article was published, but no mention of Poe was made in the report. ‘article.

The Guardian reported that a BBC source confirmed this.

This document also reported that Cade admitted to the allegations made against her and apologized, saying she believed the encounters were consensual and stopped working after the allegations.

The National had previously contacted the BBC about the article, but no response was received. They have since sent the comment included in the edited article, next to the line: “This is an important journalism article that raises questions that should be discussed.”

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