Bhopal Police Launches Citizen Connect Drive Against Electronic Fraud and Sex Crime | Bhopal News

Bhopal: With the implementation of the new commission system in the state capital, Bhopal Police are working to improve their reach, especially targeting schoolchildren, girls and women.
Police launched a campaign on Friday to increase police awareness and deter cybercrime, crime against women and children. A senior official said a relative recently said people seek help from counselors to resolve issues, most of which relate to criminal cases, but avoid reporting them to police. To encourage citizens to contact the police, the department launched the initiative. DCP (Zone-1) Sai Krishna S Thota, police staff and Childline officials, including Director Archana Sahay, conducted an awareness program on cybercrimes and crimes against women and children at the Jehangirabad public secondary school for girls.
Speaking to students, said DCP Thota, criminals today are adopting innovative ways to commit crimes and people need to be more aware and careful.
Speaking about the increase in cases of online fraud, he advised students to use strong passwords on their social networks and email accounts. Passwords should not be simple, like date of birth or cell phone number, but should be a combination of alphabets, numbers and symbols so that it is not easy for a cybercriminal to decipher or even a friend. He advised students not to share their personal photos, data and other important information on social media platforms. He urged students to be vigilant when shopping online or transacting money through online payment wallets through a mobile phone.
Headmistress Childline Archana Sahay briefed the students on bad and good contacts. She made students aware of sexual offenses and the measures to be taken to prevent them.

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