‘Biryani spices reduce male libido’: TMC chief orders stores to close in Bengal


Former North Bengal Development Minister Rabindra Nath Ghosh, who is currently chairman of the Trinamool Congress-run Municipality (TMC) of Cooch Behar, has ordered the closure of two unlicensed outlets selling biryani allegedly using spices that reduced male libido.

Ghosh clarified that although there have been complaints from several locals about this, it is not the main reason for the closure of the two outlets, allegedly owned by a certain Pappu Khan, an original resident. from Bihar. “The municipality has its own way of checking the quality of the food. But when I went to the store, I asked for their business license which they did not produce. So for these reasons, these two outlets were closed,” he said.

It is learned that these two stores were adjacent to a Shani Dev temple in the Bhawaniganj market area in the town of Cooch Behar. Ghosh said he had received complaints from locals that these two stores used spices that reduced male sexual urges.

So on Sunday evening, Ghosh went to the stores with his associates and questioned the store owner and employees about it. There, the outlet’s owner and employees also engaged in a heated conversation with Ghosh and his associates. Subsequently, the minister requested their business licenses and after the owner was unable to produce them, the president of the municipality ordered the shops closed.

He also said there were complaints that people from Bihar and Uttar Pradesh coming to the area were operating food businesses without proper business and food licenses. “They also bring in their employees from their respective states. The faces of those who work in these outlets change frequently,” he added.

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