British traveler in danger will ‘drive into Islamic State territory’

A British barmy who was evacuated from Afghanistan by the UN after the Taliban takeover has now revealed his intentions to return to a dangerous area and ‘cross IS territory’, after plans to cycle have failed.

Miles Routledge, a physics student at Loughborough University, said he opted for Afghanistan after googling ‘the most dangerous countries to visit’ and picking the best entry.

He has since traveled to Kazakhstan during the January riots and in recent days has embarked on another journey, aiming to return to Afghanistan to rescue a tour guide who helped him during the first visit to the British.

The 22-year-old is currently in Pakistan before leaving for Afghanistan, which is still under strict Taliban rule.

Taliban fighters in armored vehicles take part in a military street parade in Herat on April 19, 2022

Earlier today (Monday April 25), he said he was crossing Pakistan’s border into Afghanistan in the coming days and that security forces had blocked his plans to cross into “ISIS territory”.

He tweeted: “Slight change of plan, I have someone picking me up at the border in the next few days, unfortunately I will not be crossing ISIS territory by bike but by car. The capital counts many members but it’s not their territory. The security forces don’t allow me to ride my bike.”

Before that, he posted a series of dejected tweets – which have since been deleted – expressing his dismay that his trip had been ruined and that he had been “screwed” because the guide he was to kick out of the country was cold in the eyes.

This, Routledge said, sabotaged seven months of planning and a lot of money – earned through donations from his supporters – that had been spent on logistics and planning.

He said security forces blocked his plans to cross "Territory of the Islamic State"
Miles Routledge said security forces blocked his plans to roam ‘Islamic State territory’

He later appeared more optimistic, saying there was still hope for his “Big Trip” that he has been teasing for months.

“I’ve deleted all dark and gloomy posts because there’s still hope for this journey. Wish me luck and I’m so sorry I almost let you down. I’d rather die helping someone ‘one rather than miss me, them and all of you.” he wrote.

Last Thursday (April 21), the day before he fled, he revealed that all his friends ‘think I’m going to die’.

“I said goodbye to my closest friends before flying out tomorrow. My last words to each were a slur,” he wrote on Twitter.

On Thursday April 21, the day before his flight, he revealed that all his friends
Miles revealed that all of his friends ‘think I’m going to die’

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The dark tourism fan added, “All my friends think I’m going to die.”

“Remember that this trip is NOT tourism or exploration, it has a very specific goal that I have been planning since August with a lot of work and research. The goal is what makes it makes it mostly dangerous, I will cross ISIS territory,” he later added.

Routledge said he traveled to Kazakhstan during violent protests in January to be “a bit clumsy, to be a bit silly maybe”. He has since rebranded himself as a “serious adventurer” and calls himself a “freelance war journalist”.

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