Candidate Withdraws Consideration for Lafayette Police Chief Job

Retired FBI Special Agent Charles DeLaughter withdrew his consideration for the position of Lafayette Police Chief via email.

“I regret to inform you that I am withdrawing my candidacy for the position of Lafayette Police Chief. I have accepted another position and will not be pursuing the interview portion of the hiring process. Thank you for this opportunity and I wish you, Mayor Guillory and the people of Lafayette, a good place for the next police chief. Thank you.”

LCG officials said the three remaining nominees will be interviewed by Mayor-President Josh Guillory and three panels comprised of members of city council and other community stakeholders on October 13, 2022.

As we previously reported, four of the five people who applied to be the next Lafayette police chief posted a qualifying score on the state civil service test for the job, records provided by the office show. Fire & Police Civil Service Board.

Nine people applied to be Lafayette’s sixth police chief since January 2020. Of those, five were found to meet the required qualifications and were cleared to take the state test.

On Wednesday, the Lafayette Fire and Police Civil Service Board certified the test scores of the five candidates who took the test, and four met the required minimum score of 75, records show.

The four remaining candidates scored as follows: former Louisiana State Trooper Brian Ardoin scored an 81; Lafayette Police Sergeant. Dorian Brabham scored an 88; retired FBI Special Agent Charles DeLaughter scored a 76; and Lafayette Police Cmdr. Judith Estorge scored a 76, the fire and police board said.

Lafayette Police Department Maj. Dewitt Sheridan scored a 67 on the exam, below the required score of 75 to advance through the process. The passing grade is set by state law; the test is also a status test.

Here is a thumbnail of the CVs of the remaining four candidates:

Ardoin owns/operates a driving school in Mamou. He also worked at LSU in Eunice as Director of Public Safety and Security and was a Louisiana State Trooper for 10 years. He holds a bachelor’s degree from McNeese and a master’s degree from Southern University. Ardoin is a graduate of the State Police Academy and is a licensed notary public in Louisiana. He is a veteran of the US Marine Corps, originally from Ville Platte.

Brabham is a sergeant with the Lafayette Police Department. He holds a degree in criminal justice from Columbia Southern University and is a graduate of Louisiana POST Academy. He worked for the LPD for 20 years, working on major investigations, assigning cases and helping with unsolved cases.

DeLaughter is a retired FBI agent, having worked for the agency for 20 years. While there, he worked on domestic terrorism, public corruption, and homicide cases, as well as cold cases, drug and gang investigations, and violence on Indian reservations. Prior to that, he was a Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Deputy for 19 years. While there, he worked in narcotics, minors, patrol and public relations. He has a criminal justice degree from Loyola and is a graduate of the FBI Training Academy and Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Training Academy.

Estorge is a Precinct Commander who has worked for the Lafayette Police Department for 28 years. She has a degree in criminal justice from the University of Arkansas. As commander, she is responsible for monitoring crime statistics and devising and implementing plans to reduce crime. She oversees the precinct’s budget and connects with community members, business owners and victims of crime.

Last January, LCG announced that there would be a “national search” to fill the position.

Then in June, the Lafayette Fire and Police Civil Service Board extended the application period for an additional 30 days at the request of the Guillory administration so that a search firm could be hired. Research firms were consulted, but none were “hired” to conduct research. In all, nine people applied and only one was from outside Louisiana.

It was a similar result to the last “national search” LCG conducted for a police chief, in 2020. Read about it here.

The Lafayette Police Department has had five police chiefs as of January 2020.

When Josh Guillory took over, he asked Chief Toby Aguillard to step down, reportedly due to a bad relationship with Sheriff Mark Garber. Lt. Scott Morgan was named acting chief.

The Guillory administration then hired Chief Thomas Glover of the Dallas Police Department and fired him 10 months later. sergeant. Wayne Griffin was named acting chief, but two weeks later was placed on administrative leave pending a sexual harassment investigation. He was also later fired.

The current interim chief, Major Monte Potier, was appointed in October 2021.

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