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Another video of Chrisland ‘Cowgirl’, 10, also performing the ‘Reverse Osmosis’ position with her classmate is currently online.

9news Nigeria recalls that Chrisland School, Lagos has broken its silence over the sex scandal which forced the Lagos government to shut down all its branches in the state.

In a viral video, a 10-year-old student at the school was seen having sex with male students.

The incident, which sparked outrage on social media, is believed to have happened during a trip to Dubai for the World School Games which took place from March 8-14, 2022.

Daily Trust had previously contacted the school about the incident, but a representative, who spoke up, said a statement would be released.

In the statement released by Akin Fadeyi, a member of the school’s advisory board on behalf of the management, the school confirmed that a total of 76 students had been taken to Dubai.

Of the 76 children who represented Chrisland, Fadeyi revealed that 71 “ensure impeccable adherence to standards, adhering to established regulations and code of conduct”.

“Within those 71, we kept our girls on the 11th floor and the boys on the 4th floor to draw clear lines that respect moral boundaries.”

“While we understand the emotions this has generated, we assure the public that our first approach as an institution has been to assume parental roles by offering support to those involved and ensuring that nothing affects their esteem. However, after a full assessment of the situation, we cannot help expressing how outraged and distressed we feel as mothers, fathers and educators in the face of a relationship that has a direct bearing on the development of those involved. .

“We have, however, been obliged to engage with the parents of the remaining students who have unfortunately become involved in misbehaviour, and in accordance with our code of conduct processes, which are well known to parents, we have given them measured reprimands to instill a sense of discipline and deterrence for others. It was also to warn our students about the need to stay on the path of resisting evil influences.

“The disciplinary action was intended not to undermine our cohesive culture as a community of committed future leaders and teachers, but to assert itself by imparting the kind of discipline that seeks to correct and reform our children, when they deviate from the path of straightness.

“While we hasten to say that as an institution dealing with children from diverse backgrounds, we cannot claim or undertake any sense of complacency in our approach, but we learn and grow within best practices every day. We recognize that there will always be room for improvement, so we are irrevocably committed to reassessing our processes to strengthen child protection protocols, even as we will leave no stone unturned. to ensure that the feelings of esteem of the children involved are preserved without compromise.”

Fadeyi also denied that a pregnancy test was taken on the minor involved in the act as claimed by the mother, explaining that it was a post-travel COVID test.

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