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Well, you voted for him, Iowa. One of America’s most out-of-touch citizens just voted as one of America’s ruling elites to stop Congress from enshrining the right for a certain group of Americans to marry whomever they choose. Most Americans believe that being able to marry the person you love is a very basic human right. Apparently Chuck Grassley disagrees.

According to the Des Moines Register, Grassley said this:

“My vote against this bill is not to oppose the recognition of same-sex or interracial marriages; it’s about upholding the religious freedom enshrined in our founding documents,” Grassley said. “This legislation is simply unnecessary.”

The Register does not fit into Grassley’s statement to “defend religious freedom.” It should be noted that even the extreme right The Mormon Church has made a statement in favor of the bill that would enshrine gay and interracial marriage:

Nov 15 (Reuters) – The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints said on Tuesday it supports proposed federal legislation to protect same-sex marriage rights, as long as it also protects the right of religious groups to believe that such unions are contrary to God. word.

The Utah-based church said in a report published on its website its doctrine relating to marriage – that God ordained it to be between a man and a woman – would remain unchanged.

But the church said it would support the legislation after a bipartisan group of senators negotiated an amendment to the version passed by the US House in July. The change states that the bill would have no impact on religious freedoms protected by the US Constitution.

More specifically, the Senate Version declares that no church may be subject to civil suit or other legal action for refusing to provide service or access its facilities for any wedding to which it objects.

Grassley also asserted that there was no reason for Congress to enshrine the right of these groups to marry in law. Maybe old, out-of-touch Chuck missed the little mess caused earlier this summer when the Supreme Court struck down “established law” and struck down Roe v. Wade. In his view, Justice Clarence Thomas made it clear that the Court should consider setting aside similar cases, including cases that protected same-sex marriage:

The American House passed a similar bill in July, spurred by the Supreme Court’s reversal of Roe v. Wade. In a concurring opinion, Judge Clarence Thomas suggested the court reconsider other settled cases, including the precedent protecting same-sex marriages.

Although there are no cases on the Supreme Court filing challenging marriage rights, U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin of Wisconsin said there is an “urgent” need to codify marriage rights into law.

“Millions of Americans — our family members, our neighbors, our congressional staffers, and certainly our constituents — are afraid,” Baldwin, a Democrat, told the Senate, “afraid that the rights over which they rely on to protect their families from being swept away. »

So let’s go. Six more years of disconnection from Grassley imposing his religious views on the country. I don’t know about you, but old Chuck sure violated my religious freedom with that vote. But he doesn’t care. Imposing their religious views on Americans is a long-standing Republican tradition. Ask Clarence Thomas, who wants to impose a lot of his religious views on Americans.

It seems like just like women’s health, hardline Republicans like Grassley are more than willing to poke their noses into our personal affairs and make their religious views law. And just like women’s health, Chuck Grassley instructed the United States Supreme Court to strike down the right of Americans to impose their religious views.

Once again, the people of Iowa are more than happy to surrender their rights to a powerful person who will take rights away from their perceived enemies. Grassley, much like his current mentor Trump, merges his personal biases with what he believes is good for the country.

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