Coleen Nolan says she has ‘best sex of her life’ after finding love on Tinder



COLEEN Nolan said she had the “best sex of her life” after finding love on Tinder.

Presenter Loose Women, 56, went to the dating app in May after the relationship with her toyboy lock boyfriend fizzled out.

Loose Women’s Coleen Nolan Says She Has ‘The Best Sex Of Her Life’Credit: Rex


Coleen’s previous relationship broke down in May, so she went on a dating app to find a manCredit: social media – Refer to source

Since then, she’s hired a mysterious new man and things are going really well.

Coleen said, “He’s kind, caring, funny, romantic and the sex is awesome. He awakened something in me. He woke up a tiger, which I didn’t know was there.

“The best thing is that for the first time in my life I know for sure that I am with a man because I want to be and not because I feel the need to.”

The couple haven’t been dating for a very long time, but she is happy to have met the divorced father of a child.

She told the The agony of the Daily Mirrort: “I met a wonderful person and I’m really happy – he makes me feel like I’m 20 again.

“It’s only been three and a half months, so it’s really early, but we’re dating and the kids have all met him and love him.”

After not having sex for five years, Coleen added that she felt nervous about getting intimate with her new lover.

The TV star added, “That was the scariest part. I was mortified just thinking about it.

“I haven’t had sex for about five years. I’m older and it’s all gone a little south, so you have all these insecurities. “

Coleen now feels “sexier than ever” and loves to have sex “anywhere in the house any time of the day”.

In May, the star revealed that she was dumped by her toyboy lover, admitting that he “couldn’t handle who she was.”

Talk to OKAY! Magazine, she shared, “I really started to fall for him and couldn’t wait to see him.

“But then when the lock started to lift he was supposed to come and get me, but the day before he got weird on the texting front.

“I asked why he wasn’t responding and he told me he really loved me, but couldn’t handle who I was. I was so hurt and angry.

Coleen’s first marriage was to EastEnders star Shane Ritchie.

The couple married between 1990 and 1997 and have two sons, Shane Nolan, 30, and Jake Roche, 29.

The presenter also married Ray Fensome in 2007, but separated in 2018.

They share a daughter called Ciara, 20.

Coleen and Shane were married from 1990 to 1997


Coleen and Shane were married from 1990 to 1997Credit: Getty – Contributor
Coleen and Ray were married between 2007 and 2018


Coleen and Ray were married between 2007 and 2018Credit: PA: Press Association

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