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Asa Butterfield, Gillian Anderson and Alistair Petrie are some of the actors of Sex education who started their career many years ago and continue to add success to their filmography. However, for the majority of actors who play the Moordale students it was his first experience in the world of Diffusion and have reached a popularity they had never lived before.

A good part of this group of young people have a very complex story behind that, the world didn’t know until they came to Netflix. For example, Ncuti Gatwa -Who’s playing Eric– had to escape with only two years of Rwandan genocide with his parents. WHERE Georges robinson, actor who brings life to Isaac, who suffered a terrible accident while playing rugby that left him quadriplegic and that after so many months in the hospital, he ended up contracting tuberculosis.

After speaking with The Independent newspaper, this time the protagonist was Connor swindells, the artist who once again put himself in the shoes of Adam groff show a great evolution in his character who begins to fully experience his sexuality. But he was not always devoted to the profession of actor, in fact, it is a passion which he discovered in adolescence. The story of his life is very hard: with only nine years lost his mother who was battling cancer and living alone with his father and grandmother.

From one moment to the next, my grandmother was taking care of two children: my father and me. We went from a middle class family to a very, very hardworking class. My father is unfortunately disabled and couldn’t work so we struggled to copeRevealed the British actor who also appeared in Emma. And almost like his character on Netflix, something similar went through in his personal life: “I started to box probably for determine my masculinity when I was a teenager, to make the men I admired proud”.

All the suffering due to his mother’s death, his rebellion and his need to show how manly he was led him to engage in boxing with the intention of professionalizing in the discipline. But the performance It burst into his life and marked a before and after. “When I started in the industry I felt a lot of pain because of my mother and I manifested it by getting roles of people who have experienced similar situations», He concluded.

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