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“Parents instinctively know that a life is growing inside the mother when they find out that she is pregnant. To say otherwise is intellectually and emotionally dishonest.

At the start of our marriage, my wife and I miscarried a few weeks after finding out she was pregnant. What was an incredible joy at the thought of being a father turned into grief in just one night.

It hit me hard. The loss I felt was overwhelming. My soul was grieved, not only for my wife and I, but also for this child whom I wanted so much to keep and share my life with.

When they heard the news, well-meaning friends and family, even ministers, tried to allay the obvious grief I couldn’t hide, saying things like, “It’s all right. You can all try again ”or:“ Better if this happens now than later in pregnancy. “

While I knew what they were saying was from genuine concern, trying to help me see past the sadness of the day, these words only made me angry and angry when I was over. ‘era.

“Didn’t they know it was my child? “

“I don’t want to try again. I want my baby.

Even today, over 20 years and two other healthy children later, I often think about what that baby could have been like. He or she is still my child. I knew it as soon as the pregnancy was confirmed. My heart longs to know Him even as I write this, and I pray one glorious day in Heaven to meet this soul that I have loved since that day that I first knew that she was in the world. uterus.

Let us leave aside the political, scientific or religious points of discussion which only confuse the debate. You don’t need a doctor, scientist, pastor, or activist to tell you what you already know innately: sex can produce a child, a life. In fact, it is the objective that prevails.

Parents instinctively know that a life is growing inside the mother when they find out that she is pregnant. To say otherwise is intellectually and emotionally dishonest.

When you hear that you or your partner is pregnant, there is a weight of reality that floods your very being because you know very well that there is a life for which you are now responsible, a life that you have helped to create. – intentionally or not.

Without this reality, this responsibility of another life, there would be no argument in favor of abortion. The fact that the unborn life takes place in this world and worries its parents, whether in joy or anguish, is a true testimony to the existence of this life.

Abortion therefore favors the momentary whims of the parents and carelessly ignores the permanent place of unborn life in the world, even if this life ends before it emerges from the womb.

Abortion does not cancel the existence of the baby; that confirms it.

Abortion can end parental responsibility, but these parents inherently know and are inherently aware of that child’s presence, regardless of whether that child lives or dies. This baby, this life exists and persists.

As the U.S. Supreme Court is set to hear oral arguments on Mississippi’s 15-week abortion ban law, this is the first real opportunity to right a wrong done almost 50 years ago in Roe v. Wade by a political system that is fundamentally out of step with what each of us instinctively knows on the most basic human level. Roe has made it possible for millions of people to justify a lifestyle devoid of responsibility while tolerating the murder of over 60 million lives largely for lack of selfish convenience on the part of parents.

While I want abortion to be declared unconstitutional and for criminal penalties to be imposed for the practice, I am realistic about this beloved republic. Politics, science and religion play a role in such debates, if only to seek to excessively justify the selfish positions on either side. As such, I hope and pray that the judges uphold Mississippi’s right to ban abortion and that the court return those decisions to the states to which they rightfully belong.

America cannot be a land of life, freedom and the pursuit of happiness for all if we deny these rights constitutionally recognized by God to each of his children, whether born or unborn.

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