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Kel Allen clears up the rumor

Corrie’s Kel Allen was forced to dispel the rumor that she’s in her twenties – despite playing the 16-year-old mother.

On the soap, Kel plays Laura Neelan, a tragic mom to a 16-year-old, but fans were left stunned after it was claimed the actress might be just 29.

It was claimed online that she was born in 1992, meaning she would be 29 or 30 this year.

This shocked fans and they took to Twitter to express their surprise at her age, writing, “If she’s 28, then she’s young to play the mother of a teenage daughter!”

While another commented: “I only recently found out that Kel Allen who plays Laura is only 28. I thought she was much older than that.

Kel was then left to clear up the confusion and revealed her name had been mistaken for Paralympian Kelly Allen – and she was not in her 20s.

She said: “A few fun facts about me…

“I’m not 28, throw yourself into another decade! I’m proud to rock it for the chick crew! FYI… I’m not a chick, just close to middle age. It is a Nordic expression of speech.

“Let’s do the math, Laura would have given birth to Kelly at the age of 11.

“I’ve never lost an arm in a canoeing accident…knock on wood! I’m not an Olympian… if only!

“The moral of the story…don’t believe everything you read!” Have a nice Sunday.

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