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DEAR ABBY: My preteen son is friends with a boy I don’t quite approve of, but I understand that sometimes bad decisions lead to future wisdom. When I can, I allow the friend to come to our house to spend time with my son because this friend would have a difficult family life.

On this last visit, I noticed they were hanging out a bit closer physically than usual. They shared the same recliner for playing video games, chatted to each other using player tags and the like, and had what I’m guessing to be a lot of internal jokes.

My husband and I would never belittle, degrade or denounce our children for being gay. We know we are from a bygone era and we do not assume that our particular values ​​are held by our children. We have discussed it and know how to approach it from our point of view if our son announces his direction. I’m not even sure my perception of his closeness to his friend is accurate.

My husband is more social than I am, and he says this kind of behavior is not unusual in the EU. None of us want to fix this before something happens. We will love our son regardless and support him throughout our lives. I don’t want him to feel isolated by what may be habitual pubescent behavior. My husband and I are between 30 and 40 years old. We live in an extremely rural area and he is my son’s only real friend. Any insight would be appreciated. – WONDER ON THE FARM

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DEAR WONDER: You can jump to conclusions unnecessarily. Sitting nearby to play video games and share intimate jokes with a best friend aren’t necessarily signs of homosexuality. That’s what best friends of this age do. Regardless of your boy’s sexual orientation, you are saying that you will love and support him regardless, so that shouldn’t be a problem. His sexual orientation will be revealed in due time.

DEAR ABBY: Please help me determine if I made a major mistake. I’ve been dating this man, “Frank”, for six months. He has another woman in his life who he told me was just a caregiver, but then I learned he was taking her to the lake and going out to dinner.

After that I found out that she was a prostitute and lived with him for a few weeks and offered him sex. He panicked when she was in the hospital and he didn’t know where she was. He swears loud and clear that it’s me he loves, not her. Help me please. – COMPETITION IN GEORGIA

DEAR COMPETITORS: Do some digs. What is the source of the information given to you? Is this person a reliable source, or could there be an ulterior motive? It would not be unusual for a caregiver to “panic” if their patient goes missing.

And, while it’s possible that he’ll drive to the lake and go out to dinner in his role as a caregiver, if the person footing the bill is him, then it’s a date, and he hasn’t. tell the truth with you. I would be interested in what you find out. Please email me and let me know.

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