Defense enters second day arguing William Davis should be sentenced to life without parole rather than death



9:00 a.m.

The prosecution is now questioning Dr. Compton.

Lance Long: Are you telling me that only 5 inmates were murdered in all of Texas in 2020?

Compton: correct

Long: So in one year, 16-17, Mr. Davis single-handedly killed more people in a hospital than all the prisoners.

Compton: correct


Dr Compton says research has shown that accused of capital murder are no more likely to be violent than any other inmate in prison.
High risk factors for violence in prison:

  • – Persons convicted of drug offenses
  • – Being in a gang
  • – Be under 30 years old


Dr Compton did not do a risk assessment on Davis. She says she is testifying just to provide training.


Judge Jackson called the court to order and summoned the jury.

The defense calls Dr. Christy Compton, a psychologist who performs clinical assessments for courts, prosecutors and defense attorneys. She has assessed murderers and sex offenders.

Original story

TYLER, Texas (KETK) – After heartbreaking testimony Tuesday from family members of William Davis victims Smith County Prosecutors’ Case Completed that William Davis should be sentenced to death, the defense team began their plea for him to be sentenced to life without parole.

Davis was a former CHRISTUS nurse Trinity Mother Frances to Tyler in their Cardiovascular Intensive Care Wing and was convicted of capital murder last week for killing several patients. Under Texas law, the only two sentencing options are life without parole or the death penalty.

His legal team faces an uphill battle due to the large number of victims in the case as well as phone calls Davis made from prison last week. where he admitted to killing patients to his ex-wife and berated the jury to his brother. These appeals came just hours after the verdict and were heard by the jury on Friday afternoon.

The defense called a handful of witnesses after the prosecution filed their death sentence on Tuesday morning. They called his brother, a high school friend and former football coach, to the bar.

They said they would have more evidence to present on Wednesday morning. It was not known how long their side might take to present their case, but it is likely that the case will be settled by the end of the week.

The jury will be invited to answer the following two questions:

  • Is there a likelihood that Davis would commit criminal acts of violence that would constitute a continuing threat to society?
  • If they answer yes to the above question, they will be asked if there are sufficient mitigating circumstances to warrant a sentence of life imprisonment without parole rather than a death sentence?

A “yes” answer to the first question and a “no” answer to the second question must be unanimous for a death sentence to be passed by 114th District Court judge Austin Jackson.

If the jury is unable to answer either question, 114th District Court judge Austin Jackson would be required to hand down a life sentence without parole.

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