Democrats’ Absolutist Stance on Abortion: Always Legal Under All Circumstances

JThe Democratic Party appears to be making political gains by attacking certain pro-life laws — and some of their possible unintended effects — that are unpopular. At the same time, however, the Democratic Party’s position on abortion is extreme and highly unpopular. The party aggressively promotes abortion wherever it holds power. Democrats do not support any restrictions on abortion.

Democrats don’t expressly admit it in most cases, but when pressed, they are forced to admit that this extreme position is their position.

The Women’s Health Protection Act is effectively part of the Democratic platform for 2022. Democrats have made it clear that a Democratic majority will pass this bill, which would abolish all state protections for babies. unborn child, including any laws prohibiting ninth-month abortions, unless such laws include a general and vague “health” exception. This is an exception that effectively negates any long-term restriction, given that it is dogma among abortion advocates that abortion is always safer than pregnancy and childbirth. Pregnancy, according to this thought, can always be seen as “posing a risk to the pregnant patient… health.”

Nowhere on the Democratic platform or in the public statements of Democrats on the national stage in 2022 will you find endorsement or even acceptance of a law that actually prohibits single abortion — not sex-selective abortion. sex, not eugenic abortion, not partial-birth abortion, not the abortion of perfectly viable babies.

Watch Tim Ryan, a Catholic who until recently claimed to be pro-life, squirm when asked, “What restrictions, if any, do you think there should be on abortion?” On several occasions, he refused to admit that the government should ban all abortions.

“Ultimately, it has to be a decision between a woman and her doctor,” he said. When he said, “We don’t support end-of-trimester abortion, unless, of course, there are extraordinary circumstances,” CNN host Dana Bash repeatedly pressed him. times: “Should there be restrictions? Ryan refused to support any government restrictions on abortion of any kind, including at the ninth month. This means that while he would not personally support a late elective abortion, he believes abortion should be legal until the moment of birth. This is a much more relevant question for a candidate for the Senate.

Ryan, by the way, may be the less pro-abortion Democrat on the national stage today. His party is dedicated to increasing abortion subsidies, forcing private insurers to pay for abortion, and forcing pro-life doctors and nurses to participate in abortion.

Democrats try to get away with this hardline stance on abortion by being as vague as possible, but sometimes tough questions cause them to almost be outspoken about their abortion absolutism.

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