Dexter’s man declared ‘predatory sex offender’; will receive at least 5 life sentences

STODDARD COUNTY, Mo. (KFVS) – A jury has found a southeastern Missouri man to be a predatory sex offender and he will receive a minimum of five life sentences.

According to a statement from Stoddard County District Attorney Russ Oliver, Jerry Michael Pierce was convicted on March 29 of four counts of first-degree statutory buggery, one count of first-degree statutory rape and one count of child molestation. at the second. diploma.

He said the jury also found Pierce to be a predatory sex offender because of a previous offense against another child in 1983 that was never prosecuted.

Because of this, Oliver said Pierce was legally mandated to receive life sentences for each of the five counts. He faces an additional 15 years for the remaining count.

Pierce’s sentencing was scheduled for May 23.

“I am so proud of the brave victims in this case who stood up to this predator,” Oliver said in the press release. There are no winners in cases like this. Several children suffered greatly at the hands of the defendant over the years. These cases are excruciatingly difficult to adjudicate, emotionally draining for all involved, and painful for victims to relive as they recount the abuse they have suffered. But we do these hard things to bring justice and closure to victims, to ensure that no other child suffers at the hands of the accused, and to protect families in our community. This verdict ensures that the accused will never again step forward as a free man the rest of his life and will die in prison. »

Oliver also thanked the jurors, local child advocacy centers, the families of the victims, Detective Eddie Holloway and the entire Dexter Police Department.

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