Did Ghislaine Maxwell’s love for Jeffrey Epstein lead him to his downfall?


We have never heard of Maxwell herself, and the big unanswered question all the testimony has raised remains: What did she really see in this monster that kept her moth on fire for more than a decade helping her do unspeakable things to children?

Was it just the money, as prosecutors claimed? $ 30million (£ 23.7million) is a huge sum. And Maxwell had told people that after the death of her father, Robert Maxwell in 1991, she was suddenly a “leper.” She described her perfectly comfortable apartment as a “toilet”. So yes, she cared about the money. A good deal.

Perhaps there was some deep-seated psychological damage inflicted by his father, whom I found, reporting for Chasing Ghislaine, my podcast and docuseries, a sadistic and cruel man, including towards his children.

Ghislaine was reportedly obsessed with her father, spending the months after his death watching old videos of him. And sometimes, she herself was blatant about the connection between him and her boss / boyfriend.

In the early 1990s, Epstein humiliated her by bouncing around the office where she was working with another woman. A worried bystander hugged her and said, “You don’t have to do this.” She replied, yes, she did. “My father told me: you do whatever it takes to keep your man,” she said.

Either way, according to courtroom testimony, included satisfaction with Epstein’s criminal depravity. It meant participating in orgies, dazzling young girls, charming them, lulling them into a false sense of security around Epstein, and normalizing the horrific sexual acts that were happening then.

I was frankly amazed when I heard that Epstein and Maxwell were sharing a room in Palm Beach, as a source told me that in the late 1990s, Maxwell would be worried out loud that she was not. could never plan the weekend because she didn’t know which woman Epstein would want to accompany him there.

In my conversations with Epstein in 2002, he tried to obscure what Maxwell meant to him. She was not a girlfriend. She was his “best friend,” which he (falsely) claimed meant more. “She’s the best at what I need,” he also said, then out of nowhere the strangest line of all: “By the way, she can’t find any girls for me.”

Of course, it was all lies.

Maxwell most certainly worked for Epstein according to several witnesses who testified. She worked very, very hard, they said. She was in charge of all her properties: construction, decoration, staff.

Interestingly, just like Epstein, she kept this on a need-to-know basis. I once asked her what she was doing. And she said to me, “You could say I’m a connector of people. I wasn’t exactly enlightened. Looking back, I guess to say, “I’m a property manager for a rich man I dated once” would have been plebeian for a woman who had been raised as an heiress.

I found out in my reporting earlier this year that the only time she introduced Epstein to her brothers Kevin and Ian in late 1991 was as “my boss.” For what it’s worth, his brothers didn’t like Epstein – and they never saw him again.

His sister Christine, however, would have had an idea, around the early 1990s, of Epstein’s romantic misery, according to Christine’s nanny, Sydney Proctor.

Proctor emailed me in 2020 that she remembered a visit Ghislaine made to her sister in California in the early 1990s: “Ghislaine and Christine weren’t close at all. Therefore, when Ghislaine showed up at her sister’s Oakland Hills home to heal her wounds after the breakup, it was rather unexpected. Was she in our house maybe 28 hours? She was much slimmer than she had been in August 1991, almost amorphous, with no discernible feminine curves like breasts or hips. She wore black leggings, an oversized gray cashmere sweater and black boots. She spent most of her visit looking at a puzzle she started on our dining room table.

Proctor continued, “When Ghislaine left Christine said she was there because she felt sorry for herself after breaking up with that ‘ass’, Jeffrey. Christine was livid on her sister’s behalf because , to add insult to injury, Jeffrey “made” Ghislaine find her “girlfriends”.

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