Dion Dublin identifies two reasons why Leeds United find themselves in their current position

Dion Dublin has identified the two reasons Leeds United find themselves fighting for their lives in a Premier League relegation battle.

Jesse Marsch’s men travel to the Community Stadium in Brentford knowing they must improve on Burnley’s home result against Newcastle United or face dropping the Championship after two seasons following a disastrous season.

Leeds currently sit 18th in the Premier League on 35 points, with Burnley’s goal difference keeping them above the relegation zone. The Whites have not won in their last five games as Mike Jackson’s men come into their game with Newcastle on two improved performances.

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The former Premier League Dublin striker has revealed the reasons why he thinks Leeds have found themselves in a relegation battle after impressing many in their first season in the Premier League last season.

“It will always be a problem if you have a number of players and you hope to get them across the line injury-free,” he told BBC Football Daily on Friday night. “They didn’t get away with it. I think that’s part of it too.

“The other part is you can’t play the way Leeds play all the time. You just can’t do it, it just doesn’t work, not at the highest level. What Leeds have been doing for a few years now , they attack with pace and defend with pace, it just doesn’t work.

“When you win the ball, there has to be an element of letting go and passing the ball to your teammate and knowing exactly what you’re doing.

“There’s a flaw, in my opinion, with Leeds doing everything fast, fast, fast. They’re a good team, they’re a great club, but I think with transfers and all that kind of stuff , that’s why they didn’t get out of this mess.”

Also speaking on the BBC podcast, Glenn Murray was in full agreement with Dublin on the Whites’ problems this campaign. He said: “They are very frantic. In the end, the manager demanded so much physicality from his players that it was going to hurt them.

“The players are humans, they’re not robots, they need rest as much as they need work. Obviously (Kalvin) Phillips and (Patrick) Bamford have been huge misfires and they’re irreplaceable for teams like Leeds , like many of the other 10 lowest clubs, if they lost their main striker and captain it would affect them.

“I just wonder if Leeds have been discovered a bit. They were a real surprise when they broke out in the Premier League.

“Their energy going forward, energy going backwards and I just wonder if the teams, it shocked them, they had a shock factor behind them and they picked up a lot of points, but the best managers in the league just took a step away and said, ‘well, if we do that, that’s what thwarts Leeds’, and I just wonder if their tactics have been as effective this year.”

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