Distressing footage as postman appears to kick dog through drive

A postman was caught on camera apparently kicking a small family dog ​​which he said bit him. The little pet dog can be heard barking in the background as the postman delivers a package.

But with the door open, the animal runs towards her as the teenage daughter of the family accepts the package. Footage then shows the Royal Mail postman appearing to kick the dog who can then be seen tumbling down the aisle.

We then see the animal get up and the postman leave the property. The girl’s mother has now told how the incident left her daughter in tears, the Manchester Evening News reports.

It is understood the postman told his employers the dog bit him when they spoke to him internally about the incident. We think he told them his reaction was a reflex.

In a letter sent to the family, the Royal Mail apologized for the upset caused. However, they pointed out that 33 of their delivery workers are injured by dogs every week.

The girl’s mother said as well as distressing her daughter, the incident left the dog wet every time the doorbell rang. She said: “My dog ​​is afraid to go to the door and when the doorbell rings he gets wet and visibly shakes.

“My daughter answered the door for the delivery. I was outside doing the dishes and she came running in and told me what had happened. My daughter was very upset. She was crying and what is not an emotional child.”

The mother said she had made a formal complaint to Royal Mail.

The letter sent to him read: “We would again like to express our regrets and once again apologize for the upheaval, in particular to your young daughter. Royal Mail staff are family, with cats, dogs and other pets and we fully appreciate what a big part of a home they are.

“Having said that, 33 Royal Mail staff are attacked by dogs every week and many of our colleagues have seen small pinches, to life-changing injuries to friends at work.

“We work closely with our health and safety team to ensure our staff are fully aware of the dangers of loose animals. We operate an absolute DO NOT policy, whereby mail is returned to the office for attempted safe delivery if loose animals or pets are watching what they see as defending their family or their space.”

A Royal Mail spokesperson said in a statement: “Royal Mail treats all dog attacks on our postmen and postmen very seriously. Our first priority as an employer is to ensure the wellbeing and safety of our employees who provide valuable service to our customers.

“The vast majority of dog owners are very responsible and keep their pets under control. However, last year there were 1,690 dog attacks on postal workers and women in the UK – some resulting in life-changing injuries.We continue to call on dog owners and their families to help reduce the number of assaults, especially at the door and in the yard.

“Customers who would like more information on how to prevent dog attacks when the postman visits their property can visit our website at www.royalmail.com/dogawareness.”

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