Do sex and romance stimulate our artistic and athletic abilities?

In his theory of the evolution of species, Darwin showed that in addition to natural selection, animals have “adornments” to attract the opposite sex (such as the colorful feathers of the peacock) and “weapons” to confront individuals of the same sex. sex in search of a sexual partner (like the horns of oxen).

After collecting evidence from humans and other lineages, Darwin concluded in 1871 that sexual selection may have influenced the enhancement of human artistic abilities, among other abilities. Similar to animals, humans use different strategies to attract friends and intimidate competitors and some of them can be their artistic and athletic skills, such as guitar ingenuity or soccer performance.

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The objective of the study was to investigate the relationships between the components of sexual selection and the artistic and sporting inclinations of men and women.

Overall, the study revealed slightly different dynamics in each sport and for each gender. Perhaps women use their artistic gifts as adornments to attract mates a little more than men, who have more of a weapon in the arts in the competition for mates.

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