Documentaries to watch if you like the Netflix show

The Netflix documentary series Formula 1: drive to survive was a huge success and in some ways changed the sport forever. Now that the summer break is over, the first return race, the Belgian Grand Prix, took place on August 27. Fans may feel a little more relieved to be able to see their favorite drivers fighting for the podium more regularly. However, one run a week may not be enough for sports enthusiasts.

Exciting sports documentaries are a great way to introduce a new sport to someone who might not otherwise watch or follow a specific sport. And while some sports can be wildly different, pressure, athleticism, and high stakes are just a few of the many common elements in every top sport. There was a new wave of productions like Drive to Surviva mainly because of the impact a successful documentary can make. An example is the upcoming NASCAR documentary, Race for the championshippremiering on September 1.


Whereas Drive to survive fans are looking forward to what seems like a very interesting season, they can enjoy other documentaries and maybe fall in love with other sports. Here are some documentaries, some films and some series, for fans of the Netflix sensation.

hard knocks

hard knocks follows a new NFL team each season. The series already has 17 seasons, so there are plenty of episodes to binge watch. This show may be better suited to fans who already know a bit about the sport, as it wastes no time explaining the rules of how the game works, but it is a visually stunning show nonetheless, with extremely clear cameras. and a great slowness. -motion, as well as very intimate scenes. An important factor of the show is that it exposes the relationships between athletes, coaches and other people involved in the teams, as well as information in a way that may not be available even to long-time fans. .

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Ayrton Senna is one of the most popular drivers in Formula 1 history. And, for various drivers featured in Drive to survive, he is one of their biggest idols and inspirations. The documentary Senna focuses on the life of the Brazilian pilot (with topics such as his relationship to religion and fanaticism for the sport), as well as his career. This is a perfect watch for fans of the Netflix docuseries as they already know the rules and language of Formula 1, which are not fully explained in Senna.

The price of gold

The price of gold examines a great, if not the greatest, violent attack that has occurred in the history of figure skating: the incident between Nancy Kerrigan and Tonya Harding. The documentary focuses a lot on the pressures that come from a sport that demands such high performance from its athletes. Kerrigan decided not to participate in the documentary. The production does a better job of exposing what happened rather than answering questions, especially about someone as complex as Harding.


Schumacher’s name is so iconic that you don’t have to be a Formula 1 fan to know who he is. Schumacher, a deep look at the driver’s career and real life, tends to be a little supportive of his actions, even those that were deemed reckless on the track. The unfortunate skiing incident in 2013 is mentioned, but there is no new information about it.

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Regardless, this is a very well constructed and moving compilation of archival footage, new interviews and beautifully filmed footage. Warning, this film may make you cry, but it will also make you applaud the seven-time world champion pilots. Additionally, his son Mick Schumacher is currently a driver for Hass: one of the teams featured in the Netflix series. Drive to survive.

the last dance

the last dance is a Primetime Emmy Award winner that focuses on Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls in the 1990s. The series has interviews with Jordan himself, as well as special guests such as former President Barack Obama. The series received some backlash as Jordan’s own production company was part of the development and production of the series, a fact oddly omitted from the credits. This can lead to misleading journalism and a not-so-clear factual view of what happened, but if you’re a fan of Michael Jordan and already agree with his point of view, the show is a beautiful manifestation of his point of view. Nevertheless, is an entertaining watch on one of the greatest modern athletes.


Icarus is an Oscar-winning documentary about a scandal that covers several incidents that dictated today’s Olympic regulations: the Russian state-sponsored doping program. The film follows amateur cyclist, Bryan Fogel, as he attempts to beat the doping system to perform better in a race he has struggled with in the past. For this, he asks for the help of several people, including someone who would be, months later, in the middle of one of the biggest scandals in the history of the Olympics, Grigory Rodchenkov. It is a tense, disturbing and revealing documentary.

Athlete A

Athlete A recounts one of the most shocking revelations in the sports world: More than 500 female gymnasts have come forward as victims of sexual assault by physician Larry Nassar over more than two decades. The documentary begins right after Simone Biles won numerous gold medals at the Olympics, and for her, being part of this group has opened many people’s eyes to the brutal reality of such a famous sport and the tactics applied. to cover up aggressors, like Nassar.

Le Mans: racing is everything

Le Mans: racing is everything is an intense series about the even more intense 24-hour race, the oldest endurance race in the world, which takes place in France. In the same sense as Drive to survive, he dives deep into each team and the drivers. The show has been said to have a bit of a reality TV style narrative, which the Netflix Formula 1 series has also been criticized, but if you are already a fan of Drive to survive and racing would probably only be an advantage. The show premiered in 2017 and has only one season.

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