Donald Trump closes his blog “From The Desk of Donald J. Trump”


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Oh my god, oh my god. Just a month after launching his new blog, Donald Trump shut it down, apparently due to low readership. In May, we shared information about the new communications platform that had been launched by the former president, who practically left the White House screaming in January after refusing to accept President Joe Biden’s beat fairly in the elections.

After a few quiet months, Trump returned, bragging about the arrival of ‘From Donald J. Trump’s office’. His website page looked suspiciously a format similar to that of a well-known social media site from which the politician turned reality star had been banned. Formatted in a chronological timeline, Trump’s blog page featured biting thoughts and opinions from the ex-president, such as: “The fraudulent presidential election of 2020 will, from this day forward, be known as THE BIG LIE! Yes, I told you that would sound familiar (right, minus a few million retweets.)

According to Washington post, on its last day of broadcast, the site received only 1,500 shares or comments on Facebook and Twitter, which is a pretty big drop from when its tweets received hundreds of thousands, and sometimes millions, reactions. After the To post reported on the blog’s “miserable readership” (as they put it), it looks like the decision has been made to put it in a box.

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Donald Trump spokesperson Jason Miller said Reuters this the blog “From the Desk of Donald J. Trump” was only an adjunct to the larger efforts we are leading and working on. I hope to have more information about the larger efforts soon, but I don’t have a precise knowledge of Schedule. “

What Miller is referring to is a broader plan for Trump to launch another social media-like platform, but little specific information is known on what that would look like. Donald Trump was permanently banned from Twitter and Facebook earlier this year, after the famous tweeter made so many unverified allegations of voter fraud.

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Donald Trump fans have claimed his removal from social media violates the outgoing president’s right to free speech, but Twitter insisted the move was necessary. “After careful consideration of recent Tweets from the @realDonaldTrump account and the context around them – particularly the way they are received and interpreted on and off Twitter – we have permanently suspended the account due to the risk of incitement to violence. “, they declared. noted in a blog post at the time.

Well, let’s all look forward to seeing what Trump comes up with next.

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