‘Don’t drink or drive’ during World Cup, police say


‘Don’t drink and drive’ is the message from Lincolnshire Police as England’s FIFA World Cup campaign begins.

Lincolnshire Constabulary

England are currently playing their first match against Iran today (Monday November 21) and the tournament runs until December 18 with matches broadcast live on TV and radio. Pubs and bars should therefore be much busier.

Lincolnshire Police say the force is ready to support fans enjoying the tournament with additional patrols in our towns on match days, and are calling on those planning to enjoy the tournament to drink responsibly.

Officers will carry out additional patrols in our cities during matches to deter the minority who may be thinking of committing a violent act and will obey the law if necessary.

Pubs and the unlicensed are also reminded of their responsibilities not to serve alcohol to people who are clearly intoxicated.

The Lincolnshire Police Licensing Team and Neighborhood Policing Teams worked closely with local authorities and pub watch groups, to share information, understand plans and minimize the risk of crime and disorder.

Superintendent Lee Pache, Lincolnshire’s head of football, said ahead of Monday’s game: “The World Cup is a huge competition for any football fan, so the return of the tournament this week is going to be greeted with great enthusiasm by a lot.

“We expect that for many matches pubs and bars will be much busier than usual, and we ask everyone celebrating the games to do their part by socializing and drinking responsibly.” We know these matches will bring with them great anticipation and excitement, and we know that our diverse community in Lincolnshire means there will be supporters from a number of different nations eager to cheer on their team. We ask everyone to respect the different nationalities celebrating the performance of their team. , is standard practice to keep our communities safe.

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