Drunk driving arrested after car wrecked in crash near Kettering


This car has been written off. Credit: Northants Road Crime Team

A man was arrested for drunk driving after an accident near Kettering last night (December 30).

A black Skoda was written off after the incident, which involved two vehicles, around 6:30 p.m. near the junction of Warkton Lane and Barton Road.

This morning, a Northamptonshire Police spokesperson said a 39-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving.

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On social media, the Northants Road Crime Team said he was charged and released on bail to appear in court. A police spokesperson could not confirm this at this point.

In December, Northamptonshire Police appoint drivers charged with drinking and driving as part of their annual winter campaign to tackle infractions during the holiday season.

Officers from across the force will target those who choose to drink or take drugs and drive in an effort to make the roads safer during the holiday season.

PC Dave Lee of the Safer Roads team said: “We are not making the decision to continue to lightly name all drivers accused of drunk driving or drugs, but for anyone who does not want to be included on this list, the message is simple. – not to consume alcohol or drugs while driving.

“It only takes a second to have a life-changing crash that can change your life or that of an innocent passer-by and their family. How would you feel knowing that your actions had caused a collision and devastation for an entire family?

“It is not possible to tell how much alcohol you can drink and stay below the limit, as the way alcohol affects you depends on a number of factors including weight, age , sex and metabolism.

“The risks of getting behind the wheel, not only the night you were drinking, but also the next morning, could be fatal. If you must drive, we recommend that you avoid alcohol altogether. The only safe limit is none.

“There is absolutely no excuse or circumstance that could ever justify driving while intoxicated or on drugs – it is exceptionally selfish and reckless. Not only are you risking your own life, but that of innocent road users. road.

“The majority of people know how dangerous it is to risk driving under the influence and while we share this message every year, I guarantee you there will be more who choose to ignore it. Please don’t be one of those pilots.

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