Drunk overturned his car in a terrorist drive in the streets of Bonhill


A drunk who slammed his car into a lamppost and knocked it over was banned from the road for two years.

Harvey Ward was driving at 2:10 am on April 5 of this year with a passenger, taking him from a house in Bonhill to O’Hare.

While traveling at excessive speeds, he entered the wrong side of the road, swerved, lost control and collided with the lamppost. He overturned the car on its side.

Residents of a nearby house helped Ward and his passenger out of the vehicle, and the police arrived a few minutes later.

The passenger had cuts to her knee and Ward appeared unharmed but dizzy.

A roadside breathalyzer revealed he had 60 mg of alcohol in 100 ml of his breath, almost three times the limit. He was negative for cocaine or cannabis, Dumbarton Sheriff Court said last week.

Ward was taken to the Clydebank Police Station, but while in the van he began to scream and swear. He called the cops “f **** ts” and “suck my sausage”.

At the station, he was asked to provide a blood sample.

In response to the warning and the accusation, he asked “which street was that?” and “this is my screwed up job”.

Ward subsequently pleaded guilty to reckless driving, driving while incapacitated by alcohol or drugs, and yelling, swearing, acting aggressively, making homophobic and sexual comments. The last charge was compounded by prejudice related to sexual orientation.

Defense lawyer Stephen McGuire said his client had lost his job and admitted that “the custody threshold is easily reached”.

Sheriff John Hamilton has imposed a community reimbursement order for Ward to perform 220 hours of unpaid work over the next 12 months. He was reprimanded for his comments to the cops.

He banned Ward from driving for two years, compared to three because he pleaded guilty. He must retake the extended driving test to get his license back.

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