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By Abe Friedtanzer

Invent Anna

It’s been a busy year for limited series and anthologies. A number of trending programs have garnered little or no Emmy attention, such as Scenes from a wedding, Under the banner of heaven, Gas lightingand The offer. two shows, Housemaid and station elevensurely just misses given their presence in certain leading categories. The staircase and Impeachment: A History of American Crime could have come closer to more nominations, but we’ll never know. Instead, we’re left with an interesting list of five shows, four based on real events and one based on people who probably, maybe not always, exist in such exaggerated form. Let’s look at the competition…

Invent Anna (9 episodes, Netflix) was the big surprise nominee in this category and is the least likely to win, given that it only received two other nominations, for star Julia Garner and cast. Personally, I really enjoyed the story of trickster and general enigma Anna Delvey and thought Garner was stellar, and I think it was a real phenomenon, capturing that same sense of the saga of real life. Compared to the rest of the nominees, however, it feels like a more fickle choice and it’s certainly less beloved.

Pam and Tommy

Pam and Tommy (8 episodes, Hulu) was another question mark before the nomination. But it did manage to earn acting nominations for its three leads, Lily James, Sebastian Stan, and Seth Rogen, as well as a handful of technical endorsements (ten in total). Any show in which a character’s penis answers him is clearly nonsense, and this show, about Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee’s infamous sex tape, has always failed to distinguish between entertaining and going overboard. A win for James or even Rogen could be coming, but crowning this the best limited series of the year would seem like an odd move.

The stall

The stall (8 episodes, Hulu) had a handful of big-name actors in its cast but only managed one acting offer, for star Amanda Seyfried for her intense and immersive portrayal of Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes . But it received nominations for directing (two) and writing, which show general support and received six nominations in total. For him to be a favorite for the top prize, I think he should have come in a bigger way that shows the others in the Academy were really impressed with him. But it scored here despite voters ignoring similar projects about quirky founders gone awry like We crashed and Super Pumped: The Battle for Uber.

That brings us to the two shows that are obviously competing for this award…


Dope (8 episodes, Hulu) showed up big, earning six actor nominations and fourteen offers overall. The disturbing dramatization of Purdue Pharma’s role in the opioid crisis features a handful of very powerful performances and comes at a time when the prescription drug industry hasn’t done a great job of rehabilitating its image. Every speech by star Michael Keaton or creator Danny Strong at other awards shows has underscored the relevance and poignancy of this series. That’s certainly the choice voters will make if they’re looking to reward something meaningful and haunting.

The White Lotus

The White Lotus (6 episodes, HBO), on the other hand, is most definitely a satire. It features a cast of characters who are all over the top and need a harsh reality check to show them just how much they’ve got. It scored a surprising eight acting nominations (although Brittany O’Grady and Fred Hechinger, the two series regulars who weren’t omitted, were equally strong), as well as writing and directing offers. for Mike White, for a total of twenty nominations. It’s related with Ted Lasso as the second most nominated show of the year. Although the show premiered last summer, voters still remember it a lot, and the fact that the second season begins in October suggests that the anticipation will only bolster its chances.

I’m very torn on what to predict here, but I think I’ll go all out The White Lotus to win all the major prizes when he faces Dope, including this one. But it could just as well go the other way.

will win: The White Lotus
should win: The White Lotus
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