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bad bunny has been one of the rising stars in the music industry for years. As a Latin music superstar (whose real name is Benito Antonio Martinez Ocasio) returns to the VMAs, his longtime girlfriend Gabriela Berlingeri will surely encourage him! The Grammy winner has been dating Gabriela, 28, for five years. Although they keep much of their relationship private, Bad Bunny, 28, and his girlfriend seem so in love with each other. Find out everything you need to know about Gabriela and Bad Bunny here!

How did Bad Bunny and Gabriela Berlingeri meet?

Bad Bunny and Gabriela walk the red carpet at the Billboard Latin Music Awards. (Marta Lavandier/AP/Shutterstock)

Bad Bunny clearly has a good sense of humor about his relationship. He joked that the two “met while fishing,” in a May 2020 rolling stone interview. Despite her sultry response, he corrected himself and revealed that his first meeting with Gabriela in 2017 was actually much more low-key. “It was after singing at a Zion and Lennox concert here in Puerto Rico. I met her in a restaurant, while I was eating with my parents and my brothers. We started talking and from there , we kept seeing each other,” he told the magazine. In recent years, she’s been popping up on her social media, and the couple even adopted a dog together, as the musician revealed in a ICT Tac.

What does Gabriela do for a living?

The “Me Porto Bonito” singer’s passion for fashion is well known, and he definitely shares that love with Gabriela. She owns a line of jewelry Diciembre Ventinueve (Translation: December 29), which she launched in 2020. Her line is handmade in Puerto Rico, according to the instagram organic, and it offers a wide range of necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings. In addition to her jewelry line, the entrepreneur has also dabbled in modeling, for Hustle. She took the pictures for his boyfriend rolling stone cover story.

She sang on a track from Bad Bunny

When Bad Bunny released their surprise album Las Que No Ibran A Salir in May 2020, the closing track had a surprise guest vocalist. The song featured contributions from the rapper’s girlfriend, credited simply as “Gabriela”. The couple did a duet on “En Casita,” which was a song reflecting their feelings in quarantine during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. She also appeared on the outro of his 2022 track “El Apagón”, per Genius.

These aren’t the only times they’ve worked together musically. When Bad Bunny was working on his collaboration with Jennifer Lopez “Te Gusté”, Gabriela played an important role in the process. “Gabriela recorded references for J. Lo’s voice,” he said. Rolling stone.

What did Bad Bunny say about her?

Bad Bunny and Gabriela only went public with their relationship in recent years. (Marta Lavandier/AP/Shutterstock)

Although they’ve kept their relationship very private for years, Bad Bunny has opened up a bit more about her since they started collaborating. Before going public, he shared that he was “in love” in a entertainment tonight interview in March 2020. While talking about their relationship, he revealed that his sense of humor is very important for their love in a rolling stone interview. “I like to make her laugh. I’m still playing and still doing something crazy and fun,” he said.

When talking about their 2022 collaboration, Bad Bunny revealed how important it was for Gabriela to sing it during a New York Times interview. “I wanted someone to sing it out of love, because it’s a heartfelt message,” he explained.

Although the couple seem incredibly happy together, it’s unclear if they’ve discussed the possibility of getting married. Bad Bunny opened up about his insecurities about it in a 2020 interview with entertainment tonight. “I’m not that married,” he told the outlet. “Maybe that could be it. But I think weddings and getting[ting] married scares me. A lot.”

Who else has he dated?

Given how private Bad Bunny was about his relationship with Gabriela, it’s no surprise that he was pretty private about his past love as well. Carliz De La Cruz, but it seems that when Bad Bunny is in a relationship, he’s been engaged for a long time. He and Carliz also dated for five years, per People in Spanish.

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