Ex-Transcona councilor again seeking job in his riding

A familiar face appeared on the ballot for the Transcona councilman position.

Russ Wyatt, who served as a councilor for the Transcona area from 2002 to 2018, once again threw his name in the ring.

“I’ve watched and spoken with people in the community over the past four years and they’re convinced we need a strong voice at City Hall,” Wyatt said. “I worked with the community and fought for many issues to get things done in the community over the 16 years (I was in the job). We’ve done a lot and a lot of the community and I feel like we’ve lost a bit of momentum when it comes to making progress.

He said Transcona has grown and he doesn’t feel like the area is getting the right allocation of taxpayer dollars to continue improving the segment of the city.

“I think we need a change so I decided to put my name forward. I have a young family, I’m a single dad, I have a 15 year old son. I was thinking of running for the town hall, but ultimately I need to have that work-life balance.

Some things Wyatt plans to champion if elected include a new water recreation center that could service the entire east side of Winnipeg, road projects and a large public market where local growers and producers could sell their wares.

Incumbents Shawn Nason and Steve Lipischak are also on the ballot for the Transcona councilman position.

Wyatt said he doesn’t think Nason is a strong enough voice to represent Transcona on city council.

“I think a lot of issues are unresolved.”

In a chat with CTV News Winnipeg, Wyatt also addressed issues he faced in 2018, including a mental health battle and a sexual assault charge, which was ultimately stayed in 2019.

“In 2018-2019, there is no doubt that I hit rock bottom. It was an experience I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemies… now I feel like I’m living my true self. I have overcome the substances, they do not control me and in many ways I feel reborn.

The election is expected to take place on October 26.

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