Facing 4th Union Drive, Apple Raises Minimum Wage to $22/Hour – Blue Man Group: Union Busters


Greetings from the Burgh, where we mourn the death of Ray Liotta.

Watch “Corrina, Corrina” in honor of Ray Liotta

While many memories of him focus on his portrayal as a gangster, my favorite Ray Liotta movie is 1994’s “Corrina, Corrina” starring Whoppi Goldberg. Liotta stars as a Jewish widower, pianist, and jingle writer in the 1950s, who falls in love with Whoppi Goldberg and defies his neighbors’ contempt for race relations.

Watch an excerpt here

Facing 4th Union Drive, Apple raises minimum wage to $22/hour at its retail store

Yesterday, workers at an Apple Store in Louisville announced their intention to unionize, making it the fourth Apple store in the country to do so.

As organizers expect Apple stores to unionize quickly — the same way Starbucks workers are organizing — Apple is going on the offensive in an attempt to soften union sentiment. This week they announced they were raising retail workers’ wages to $22/hour. That’s up from $17/hour at retail stores.

Apple’s move comes as the company’s vice president warned that a union could make it harder to improve working conditions.

“We have a relationship based on open, collaborative and direct engagement, which I believe could fundamentally change if a store were represented by a union under a collective bargaining agreement,” said Deirdre O’Brien, vice -President of Apple Retail and Employees. said in a video sent to Apple’s 58,000 employees in the United States and obtained by Vice.

To learn more, check out VICE

Blue Man Group blows up Union Drive at its private school

The Blue Man Group is a legendary musical group that, in addition to their stage work, also sponsors a private school in Manhattan. However, more than 40 educators are on strike after the school refused to recognize their union.

“The tactics employed by the school to thwart union organizing are the same as those used by the Blue Man Group when the stagehands union sought to organize the Las Vegas theater where the Blue Man Group performed in 2005,” said the union in a press release. “Matt Goldman, founder of the Blue Man Group and current vice-chairman of the Blue School Board of Trustees, originally pledged to honor the election results when the machinists vote to unionize, but later refused to acknowledge the union and has continually appealed the results of the election.”

For more information, read the union’s press release here

Great Lakes Coffee closes main Detroit location following strike

In February, workers at the Great Lakes Coffee plant in downtown Detroit went on strike demanding union recognition. Ultimately, the company refused to recognize the union and announced this week that it was shutting down the site.

“It’s heartbreaking to know that they’d rather shut down the building itself than tell us about our union,” worker Lex Bloom told the Detroit Free Press.

For more, see the Detroit Free Press

PA AFL-CIO president resigns over accusations

Last month, charges of misconduct and sexual harassment were brought against incoming PA AFL-CIO President Frank Synder.

After the accusations became public, AFL-CIO National President Liz Shuler ordered an investigation into Synder’s behavior. Rather than make the report public, Snyder chose to retire.

For more, see Bloomberg

News and strikes happening elsewhere

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