Farm worker gets life sentence for raping Lagos teen


Judge Abiola Soladoye of the Domestic Violence and Sex Offenses Court in Ikeja, Lagos State, on Wednesday sentenced a farm worker, Isiaka Adeoye, who raped a 17-year-old girl, to life imprisonment .

The judge found that the prosecution had proven the charge of defilement against the convict beyond a reasonable doubt.

She argued that the survivor’s testimony corroborated the investigating officer’s testimony and the medical reports.

The judge said the testimony of prosecution witnesses was consistent and unwavering, adding that there was no substantial contradiction to raise a reasonable doubt in the prosecution of the defendant.

Judge Soladoye said: “I totally believe the survivor’s testimony as she eloquently and brilliantly told the court that the defendant wore a condom before having sex with her.

“The survivor told the court that her aunt had sent her to do some work for her on her farm where the defendant works and that the defendant had sent her to fetch water. When she returned she met the accused drunk and he asked her if she wanted to have some fun and he ended up having sex with her.

“She said it was the farm manager who reported the case to the survivor’s sister when she told of her ordeal at the hands of the accused.

“The testimony of the three prosecution witnesses contains sufficient evidence that the defendant had sexual intercourse with the survivor. The dexterity of the defence, however fine it may be, cannot amount to justifying the accusation of defilement which the accused actually committed.

“The evidence presented to this court shows that the defendant forcibly had sex with the survivor, as it is corroborated in the medical report that there were bruises in her private parts, which may be the result of a struggle between her and the accused.

“This should have a chilling effect on others, as adults should not take undue advantage of young children and defile their purity. The defendant was busy telling lies in front of this court, but the court is not fooled.

“The accused is found guilty of the charges against him and sentenced to life imprisonment. His name is expected to be listed on the Lagos State Sex Offender Registry.

Justice Soladoye said there was a need for sex education, moral awakening and training of underage children to maintain sexual purity in society.

“The survivor in this case was unresponsive as a 17 year old girl would have to be proactive and save her life when she saw a condom on the accused’s private parts.

“Instead, she waited for the defendant to forcibly succeed and sleep with her,” she added.

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