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You could say we are living in the golden age of storytelling real crimes, especially in podcast form.

Thank goodness fans of real crime will say, because it is one of the best ways to fill that free time.

Like work training, given the dire state of South African radio.

Oh, do you work from home? On your next jog, then, or while you are sitting in the bathroom. Whatever works for you.

These real crime stories are so addicting that many have gone from podcasting to viewable on Netflix and other streaming services.

Like the popular TV show Only the murders in the building, or the next one Film Will Ferrell and Paul Rudd The narrowing next door which was inspired by a podcast of the same name.

As Paste Magazine puts it, “Whether it’s murder, bribery, sexual abuse or fraud, there’s no shortage of people who do bad things.

That’s right, and the rest of us just want to binge on stories and ponder the maddening specter of the human condition from a sure point of view.

So here are five of the best true crime podcasts around.

Gangster Capitalism Season 3

Image: YouTube / Title IX Focus Group

This podcast discusses Liberty University’s failure to deal with many cases of sexual assault on campus and how rape, assault, anti-LBGTQ, and racism is rampant there:

Many students attend this school because of the “Liberty Way”. This is how they present themselves as a safe and healthy Christian university.

Since Gangster capitalism podcast was published, 12 women sued Liberty. They claim that the school created an environment that increased the likelihood of sexual assault and rape.

You will hear all the shocking details, the allegations, and the brave women ready to tell their stories. And that only scratches the surface.

Listen now.


Image: suspect

Since Halloween is on the horizon, this one should definitely be at the top of your list.

This is a gruesome murder that took place during a Halloween party in Seattle in 2008.

The mystery of Aparna Jinaga’s death haunts all participants. DNA evidence at the crime scene was linked to three men, but only Emanuel Fair was convicted.

He’s a black man with a previous record but had no connection to Jinaga. After serving nine years in prison maintaining his innocence, he was found not guilty of his murder and was released in 2019.

The podcast sifts through in-depth interviews with revelers, forensic experts, and the victim’s friends and family, covering everything from injustice to race and even murder.

Listen now.

Bad Blood: The Final Chapter

Image: Bad Blood and The Drop Out

This here Final chapter tells the story of the breathtaking rise and fall of the founder of technology Elizabeth Holmes and her disastrous Silicon Valley start-up Theranos.

It gives listeners a front row seat in Holmes’ criminal trial, delving into the evidence against her, with jurors dismissed, legal experts, former employees and investors giving their opinion.

Best of all, it’s hosted by John Carreyrou, the investigative journalist who broke the scandal in 2016.

Listen now.

False Idol

Image: False idol

This one talks about Oscar Pistorious and how he went from “The Blade Runner” to the guy who murdered his girlfriend:

Host Tim Rohan talks about his humble beginnings, what other athletes thought of him and why this case was a national point of contact for women and sexual assault in South Africa.

Yes, there is a lot of emphasis on Pistorious but False Idol makes a point of highlighting Steenkamp and the wonderful person she was.

It also examines hero worship, gender-based violence and race in post-apartheid South Africa.

Listen now.

Dr. Death Season 3: Miracle Man

Image: Dr. Death Season 3: Miracle Man

Dr Mort is about the famous doctor and surgeon Paolo Macchiarini, who has long seemed to be a medical hero performing revolutionary organ transplants, although many resulted in death.

It’s also about her whirlwind romance with TV producer Benita Alexander:

She soon discovers that he is not at all what he seems. He makes crazy promises like how the Pope was going to marry them in the Vatican and that John Legend was going to perform.

How she believed some of those wild lies is almost as big a mystery. Ultimately, his journalistic instinct helps expose the crook and criminal he really is.

Listen now.

You can see the full list of Paste here.

Happy binging podcasts on real crime.


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