Flatiron Sex Position: Calorie Burning Benefits and How to Do It

Iron sex position has nothing to do with ironing, but there is definitely a lot of work to be done. Although you might be a little tired after trying this one, we promise it’s worth it.

If the missionary has you yawning and doggy style has been done, then it’s time to try the flatiron sex position. It’s a great combination of the two, allowing for deep penetration and possible double stimulation while keeping things interesting.

This is one of the best sex positions for those looking to get a little athletic in the bedroom, as both partners will need to use stabilizing muscles to keep the momentum going. Here, a sex therapist reveals everything you need to know about the flatiron sex position and how to do it right the first time.

What is the sexual position of the flatiron?

The flatiron sex position is a sexy take on doggy style, says Massimo Stocchi-Fontana (opens in a new tab), accredited sexologist, sex coach and psychotherapist. “One partner lies face down while another straddles the back of their partner’s thighs while penetrating from behind,” he says. “The penetrating partner has the option of having their legs on the outside of the receiving partner’s legs on the inside.”

Much like the speed bump sex position, the only difference between the options is that the penetration will be deeper with the top partner’s legs inside the bottom partner’s and the top partner may have to work harder to s balance, while the penetration will be less intense. and it will be easier to balance with the best partner’s legs on the outside.

Illustration of flatiron sex position

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The flatiron sex position primarily targets the G-spot. While the position is great for everyone, it works best if the person on the bottom has a vagina. This means that in addition to being a great position for straight couples, it’s one of the best lesbian sex positions for couples to try with the help of a vibrator or a sex toy if you prefer. .

However, the iron has a special reputation. Thanks to the specific angle that the top and bottom partners have to enter for the intense G-spot stimulation, it’s a great cardio activity and ideal for anyone who wants to burn some calories in the bedroom.

Is the iron good for burning calories?

Although no sex position burns as many calories as running on the treadmill, the flat iron is one of the best positions for burning calories during sex. “It will be more difficult for the best partner to balance with their legs inside, because they will have to stand [by pressing down onto the bed]. It makes for an amazing upper body workout for the best partner,” says Stocchi-Fontana, as it targets the shoulders, chest, and core, just like a knee push-up would.

While the bottom partner should tilt their pelvis towards the person above them, engaging their core and stabilizing themselves using their upper back. Techniques like these are used more generally in some of the best calorie-burning exercises, like Pilates for weight loss or strength training – so we know it actually works.

“It’s an amazing stretch for the lower back, resembling a child’s pose in yoga with a twist,” he adds. “The twist is that there are a lot of orgasms that come with this pose if done right.”

Everyone burns calories at different rates depending on factors such as fitness level, age and gender, but according to a study from the University of Quebec in Montreal (opens in a new tab), the average person typically burns 85 calories during sexual activity. With the added pressures that come with the flat iron, the total burn is likely to be higher than that.

What are the benefits of the flatiron sex position?

1. Varied intensity

The flatiron sex position isn’t a one-pose move — or at least it shouldn’t be. “This position is wonderful for an exchange of stimulation for the bottom partner where they can get varying sensations from the varied depth of penetration as their partner changes leg position,” Stocchi-Fontana explains.

To do this position justice, and only if the bottom partner is comfortable with deeper intensity, the top partner can switch their legs from outside to inside several times throughout the session. “This positioning will allow the person on the bottom to regulate the pressure simply by opening and closing the legs,” he explains.

2. Clitoral stimulation

Dual G-spot and clitoral stimulation is entirely possible in the flatiron sex position via manual stimulation or with your best vibrators, as the bottom partner’s hips are elevated off the bed or other surface.

“The clitoral stimulation can either come from the partner behind, because there is room to pass a hand under the pelvis, or the person at the bottom can please themselves by being penetrated”, explains the sex therapist.

3. Ideal for small penis sizes

The flatiron is a great position for anyone concerned about penis size, he says. Whether your partner is less gifted or your choice of the best sex toys is a bit smaller, positioning the upper partner’s legs inside that of the lower partner and positioning the pelvis tilted will allow for deeper penetration.

“So there’s no reason to worry about not being able to please your partner if you’re concerned about performance issues,” he says. If that’s something you’re concerned about, it’s also worth trying the butterfly sex position, as it has similar benefits.

How to make the flat iron even better

If you’re not up for a workout tonight, you can make the flat iron sex position easier. “If the top partner puts their legs on the outside, they can penetrate by leaning on their partner’s thighs,” says sex therapist Stocchi-Fontana, removing the need to stabilize using upper body strength. “Their hands can be repositioned to hold and caress the buttocks, and they have access to the clitoris from the front or the back.”

The flatiron sex position allows for deep penetration, which can be uncomfortable if you don’t have the right accessories. To ensure it’s an easy glide every time, make sure you use one of the best lubricants and incorporate a pillow if needed for extra support. “Place it under the bottom partner’s pelvis,” he says. “It will relieve any pelvic pressure or lower back pain.”

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