Floco aims to drive change in the period products market – Alison Wood


Alisn Wood is co-founder of Floco, which makes reusable and durable vintage products

During this research, I discovered that many young students could not afford period products. In order to access and stay in school, they were forced to engage in transactional sex in exchange for commodities. These girls were risking so much for something so simple. When I returned to Edinburgh, I worked with my now co-founder of Floco, Mhairi, to form a small team and began to research how best to deliver products to those in need.

Over three years later, Floco is now using compassionate innovation and education to help everyone have the best time possible. Sadly, unequal rules and stigma still exist around the world and even at home. To combat this, we are working with communities around the world to implement projects aimed at empowering local communities while increasing access to period products.

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We’re on a mission to make sure everyone can have the best time possible. For too long, products haven’t received the innovation and attention they deserve. We want to give everyone who sinks an option for a vintage product that works for them.

We strongly believe in sustainable travel and wanted our reusable towels to benefit people and the planet simultaneously. We’ve made sure they don’t contain harsh or harmful chemicals that are bad for you or the environment. This is in stark contrast to the typical sanitary napkin, which is 90% petroleum-based plastic – non-degradable and non-reusable. By simply switching from disposable alternatives, an individual can significantly reduce their carbon footprint. Floco tampons have a minimum life of two years and a maximum of eight years, resulting in little waste and low consumer expense. Our affordable prices coupled with the durability of our products mean that women are not financially burdened by the endless cycle of constant buying and ultimately disposing of single-use products.

In order to move forward in the sustainable rules market, for every pack sold, we donate ten percent of our income to our work around the world, which promotes increased access to period products and inclusive rules education. . When you purchase a Floco pack, we will send another pack to our international initiative, providing someone with the resources and supplies they need. We do not operate on a traditional model, so any surplus realized goes directly to our social mission.

As part of the Floco mission, we aim for inclusion and engaging education. We started to conduct research in Scottish high schools, learning more about rule attitudes, rule poverty and period products. During this research, we found that many young people still find topics such as puberty and menstruation embarrassing, and many have never received a thorough education. We created an education program focused on using compassion and pleasure to intensify discussions about periods, puberty and sexual harassment. These lessons and workshops are delivered to all genders using interactive activities with the aim of developing empathy among young people and giving them the tools to start challenging and eliminating inequalities and stereotypes. The lessons aim to use play and performance to combat the stigma, stereotypes and misconceptions that surround these topics.

Alison Wood, co-founder of Floco

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