Fruits Basket reveals a new art for collecting blood


Fruits Basket is releasing new art featuring Shigure, Hatori, and Ayame Sohma as doctors in its new collaboration with the Kanagawa Red Cross Blood Center.

New art published from Fruit basketit is beloved Mabudachi Trio to mark the shojo juggernaut’s new collaboration with the Kanagawa Red Cross Blood Center.

The new artwork features the cursed three oldest members of the Sohma family in white doctor’s coats with their respective zodiac animals. Although this is a new look for novelist Shigure and suit Ayame, Hatori is no stranger to stethoscopes and lab coats, as he himself is a doctor.

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New art is the result of Fruit basketKanagawa’s new collaboration with the Kanagawa Red Cross Blood Transfusion Center, which aims to encourage people to donate blood. The new campaign will run from January 17 to February 28, and the first 1,500 people to donate 400ml of blood will receive an exclusive clear file featuring Shigure, Hatori, and Ayame in their doctor outfits. The transparent file also features a cute design of each character’s zodiac animal on the reverse. The first 1,000 people can also claim a voucher which they can then present at participating Animate stores to receive a sticker of their choice through March 6.

At Natsuki Takaya’s Fruit basket has remained one of the most beloved shojo manga series of all time since its serialization began in 1998. It stars 16-year-old Tohru Honda, a kind-hearted orphan who, after a series of events, comes to live with the most popular boy in his high school, Yuki Sohma, and his cousins ​​Shigure and Kyo. She soon discovers that her new housemates, along with 10 other members of the Sohma family, are possessed by Chinese zodiac animals and are cursed to transform into their respective animal forms whenever hugged by a member of a group. different sex or are feeling weak or stressed. As the series progresses, Tohru befriends the possessed of the zodiac and seeks to break the curse that binds them to their “God”, Akito Sohma, the vengeful leader of the Sohma family.

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Fruit basket received two anime adaptations. The first anime series only lasted 26 episodes in 2001, leaving much of the manga’s content intact in favor of an original ending. The 2019 anime series, however, was more faithful to the original source material as it adapted the entire manga over three seasons. While most of the Japanese voice actors from the first adaptation did not return for the second, fans of the English dub were thrilled when Funimation brought back many English voice actors to reprise their roles such as Laura Bailey, Eric Vale, Jerry Jewell and Jean Burgmeier. A compilation film titled Basket of Fruits: Prelude, which recaps the events of the 2019 anime series, will premiere on February 18. It will also include a brand new prequel episode adapting the story of Tohru’s parents called From Kyô̄ko to Katsuya no Monogatari and an original story set after the events of the series.

Fruit basket (2019) is available to stream on Crunchyroll, Funimation, and Hulu.

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