Gogglebox’s Jenny in Netflix’s Hilarious Drive to Survive Mistake


Glasses boxJenny Newby of ‘s reduced best friend Lee Riley to a breathless laugh in tonight’s (March 18) episode of the reality TV show.

Armchair viewers found themselves watching the new Netflix docuseries 1: Drive to survive and, needless to say, Jenny turned out to be anything but an expert in driving race cars.

In a hilarious moment, Jenny suddenly exclaimed, “Oh, he took the wrong turn, he skidded!”

Channel 4

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Lee attempted to correct it, as the driver had not in fact veered off course but rather pulled over for a pit stop. But amused by the confusion, he could only repeat a “he didn’t” suffocate while falling back laughing.

Jenny, still confused, continued: “Where is he going? He took the wrong track…He took the wrong track.”

Fans quickly seemed to realize that Jenny’s knowledge of Formula 1 might not be up to par. One tweeted“Jenny, that’s me every time I watch cars do that racing thing.”

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Another said: “You can really say that Jenny has never watched a Formula 1 race.” alongside some laughing emojis.

This isn’t the first time Jenny has made Lee cry with laughter. In a previous episode, she released a surprise new look for the premiere of Peaky Blinders in the form of a period-appropriate flat cap.

And there was this time she shared an anecdote with Lee about a sex shop she found in Benidorm that resulted in her buying a wonky rainbow mug labeled “I I’m so gay, I can’t even drink straight!”

Glasses box broadcast on Channel 4.

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